Consumer Attitudes

Consumer Attitudes

Mintel’s Consumer Attitudes market research combines the latest consumer intelligence, market insights and expert recommendations to help you understand how consumer attitudes are changing and the effect this has on your industry.

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    Current snacking behavior represents a cultural shift. Brands are tasked with balancing comfort and newness, and satisfying both emotional and physical needs. Michele Scott, Associate Director, US Research – Food and Drink ..."
    Most consumers feel nervous about generative AI and its future implications. Market investment is soaring, with a greater focus on enterprise applications. Jenni Nelson, Consumer Insights Analyst, Tech, Media & Entertainment ..."
    A burgeoning segment of young investors has increased the dominance of banks as an investment institution, while new Canadians seek digital alternatives. Patrick Rahlfs, Senior Research Analyst ..."
    “The question being asked more and more is, is getting a degree/advanced certificate worth it? The results are clear, among students, it’s a resounding yes! After being hit hard with instability and uncertainty in arguably the most formative years of their lives thanks to the pandemic and now inflationary conditions,..."
    “The relationship between brands and nonprofits continues to strengthen as consumers seek out brands with ethical missions. Consumers are aware of the significant need that exists, but inflation and economic uncertainty is leaving them with a smaller pool of funds to donate. While brands often are forced to prove their..."
    “Maintaining a safe online environment is critical for consumers to feel comfortable spending more time and money online. Yet, the vast majority of consumers are concerned about how their personal information is being used – and a majority believe that both the government and industry should be doing more to..."
    “CBD and THC are unique products in their own right that happen to have some opportunities when used together—either in a single dose or as part of a routine. Build on the strengths of both by showing appropriate uses for each and help consumers manage their expectations regarding effects to..."
    “Beauty attitudes shift and evolve over time, leading to each generation having a somewhat different relationship with the category. Regardless of age, consumers will feel the sting of inflation and as a result, will be looking at lower-cost options or paring down their repertoires in this discretionary market. The wellness..."
    “Fintech has continued to elevate the financial services industry, providing value for consumers in a wide array of areas such as ecommerce, payments and safer digital experiences, as well as greater inclusivity into the credit system. Fintech’s customer-centric approach will have especially resonated with many during the current economic climate,..."
    “Both Millennials and Gen Z are heavily plugged-in generations, but there are a few differences between them when it comes to their approach to technology. First, it’s worth pointing out that while Gen Z are digital natives, most Millennials are not, and this informs the speed at which each generation..."
    “Most Americans snack multiple times a day, and snacking frequency is likely to continue to tick up, driven by young consumers who view snacking as playing a more central role in their dietary lives. There is ample opportunity for healthier, more nutrient-dense snacks and for non-snack foods to be recast ..."
    “The pandemic has highlighted the various ways fintech has infiltrated the lives of many, from the shift to contactless payments to providing those that lack credit scores with credit and offering flexible financing options during an economic downturn – just a few ways financial services have continued to evolve due..."
    “Multicultural young adults are avid consumers of media who believe that ads matter – even though they rarely see themselves or their communities accurately depicted in them. This dichotomy creates a real opportunity for marketers to invest in truly understanding this audience in all its racial, cultural and economic diversity..."
    “Soaring financial and real estate markets are raising inflationary concerns which might lead to an increase in interest rates. This increase is likely to stretch mortgage owners and lead to a spill-over effect on the broader economy and stock market.”- Sanjay Sharma, Senior Financial Services AnalystThis Report looks..."
    “Foot traffic in branches has fallen due to COVID-19 related safety concerns and this will lead to optimization in branch networks and a shift to a more advice centred branch format. But branches themselves will remain an important marketing space as they offer a sense of stability and reliability to..."
    “Store brands have been deeply integrated into Canadians’ grocery baskets for a long time. COVID-19 has only served to deepen their importance. Beyond the pandemic, private label will continue to play an important role in Canada’s grocery landscape, serving as a way to deliver value to customers, a means to..."