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Consumer Habits

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    Millennials are an important target audience in ecommerce and marketers will want to understand their preferences to meet their needs online. Marisa Ortega, Retail & eCommerce Analyst ..."
    Gen Z represents an increasingly important target audience across categories; brands will want to understand what they want from an online shopping experience. Marisa Ortega, Retail & eCommerce Analyst ..."
    “The key to breaking consumers out of their lunch routines revolves around more than just the food. Marketers have an opportunity to tap into the deeper emotions and motivations that drive the meal.” – John Owen, Associate Director – Food and Retail This Report looks at the following areas: Lunch locations and..."
    “Canadians are feeling the pain of rampant food inflation. They are also angry about the rising cost of food and drink and many place blame at the feet of grocers and producers. This is leading to a crisis of confidence toward the industry. There is no easy solution as rising..."
    “Anyone can be a budget shopper – even the highest income consumers consider themselves frugal and enjoy hunting for a good deal. Budgets are generally flexible. Consumers seek out value rather than simply adhering to a strict budget. Market factors like inflation create added incentive to find the best possible..."
    “Parents are active and engaged online shoppers, turning to the convenience of ecommerce to save time and simplify their responsibilities. In the short term, parents are prioritizing value and savings amid inflationary pressures, driving value-seeking behaviors. Looking ahead, digital-native parents will be an important key demographic; they will look to..."
    “Diet has become a four-letter word, but that doesn’t mean it’s lost its grip. Consciously rejecting diet culture, while a start, is a slow process that is still susceptible to the mental health pitfalls of falling off track. Even as inflation threatens preferred product purchase, consumers still want to feel..."
    “Gen Zs have unique interests, behaviors and expectations when they shop. Brands and retailers looking to target and appeal to them will want to tailor shopping experiences and product offerings to meet their needs and preferences. Moving forward, the various forms of value and technology that enhances and makes shopping..."
    “Two plus years into pandemic disruption, consumers are looking to reclaim pleasure and enjoyment. Food is a natural go-to for this, especially as price hikes temper spend in other categories. While 2022 is shaping up to be a year of some dietary indulgence, consumers continue to count healthy eating as ..."
    “Among the different meal occasions, lunch has arguably been most impacted by the pandemic. Simply put, many Canadians shifted more of their lunches to inside their homes. As the impacts of the pandemic recede, the degree to which foodservice will recover is uncertain. An environment of rising inflation adds to this ..."
    “Breakfast is the meal occasion that is most rooted in habit. The pandemic, however, has forced change on the occasion with shifting work arrangements. In this next normal, foodservice operators need to ensure that individuals can get the menu items they crave with minimal friction using the technology they rely..."
    “Consumers approach nutrition with the best of intentions towards being healthier and feeling better. But external factors like household income complicate their ability to prioritize nutrition and even the ability to put mental effort into looking at labels or counting calories. Clearly labelling products as low sugar, high protein or..."
    “Comprising nearly 25% of the population with over $1 trillion in spending power, Millennials are a powerful and savvy group of shoppers. They want streamlined and convenient shopping experiences with ways to add in personalized offerings as they shop online. Moving forward, online channels will continue to be instrumental in..."
    “Consumers will come away from the pandemic being choosier about which businesses they want to support as ideas surrounding value and what’s essential have likely been recalibrated. Where ‘basic’ meant affordable and safe at the start of the pandemic, consumers will seek to support businesses that offer value in the..."
    “The pandemic has not only boosted retail grocery sales, it has also at least temporarily changed the way Americans shop for and prepare food and how and when they eat. Snacking is growing more prevalent throughout the day and is also fulfilling a wider variety of needs, creating opportunities for..."
    “COVID-19 brightened the spotlight on food’s role in consumers’ lives. 67% of US adults put a lot of thought into what they eat, and 26% have turned to food and drink for comfort more often due to the pandemic. It also disrupted habits and behaviors in a way that leaves..."