Consumer and Market Trends

Consumer and Market Trends

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    The evolution of consumers' approach to wellness, coupled with brands' BFY innovation, encourages consumers to have their cake and eat it, too. Adriana Chychula, Analyst – Food, Drink & Nutrition ..."
    Consumers are prioritizing their health and wellbeing more than ever, leaving endless opportunities for fitness facilitators to be personal guides along the way. Diana Smith, Associate Director – Retail & eCommerce ..."
    “Economic uncertainty is a prime time for packaging to shine. Beverage packaging provides a platform for brands to communicate product benefits and introduce enticing excitement to the shopping experience. As consumers balance their desires for fiscal and environmental sustainability, they’ll look for brands to assure them they’re making smart choices.”-..."
    “Gaming is a mainstream hobby in Canada, and as more consumers engage, they expect more out of the industry. As Canadian demographics shift, the majority of gamers are expecting developers to adapt and adopt diversity, equity and inclusion so that they can see themselves reflected in the games they play...."
    “Hispanic consumers gravitate to snacks for reasons beyond hunger and seek an indulgent experience that delivers great flavor quality. Brands need to lead with flavor first in order to appeal across segments but need to maintain excitement amidst economic uncertainty. Ultimately, sweet and savory snacks have room to grow within..."
    “Leisure behaviours are evolving; digital tech is making media a more central part of leisure time while also making it easier to enjoy leisurely activities during work time. Meanwhile, market factors are driving a shift from out-of-home to in-home leisure time – creating a major threat for the former and sparking..."
    “Over the course of 2022 and early 2023, the tech hardware industry faced barriers in the form of supply chain issues and recession that have impacted the ability to move product and generate sales. Still, there has been much innovation in the space, with developments in AI revolutionizing smart home..."
    “As consumers broaden their health goals, technology can respond by providing comprehensive monitoring of health metrics to bring greater awareness of health and wellness, while also making managing health more enjoyable. Technology will continue to play an integral part in giving consumers a greater sense of control over their personal..."

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    “Pandemic era growth has slowed, and as consumers contend with record inflation, they will delay new tech purchases as long as their current devices meet their needs. In communication services, subscribers are looking for deals and will consider the value that current subscriptions provide; 2023 may see some consumers trimming..."
    “In a time when value has heightened importance, the relative affordability of many breakfast and brunch options makes the daypart a solid place to drive traffic. While menu diversity can be a call to action that differentiates between operators, incentives in loyalty programs not only inspire occasions, but also secure..."
    “As the digital market continues to evolve, Canadian consumers are largely unaware of how it is actually changing. As a result, it’s important for brands to speak to consumers in a language they understand, focusing on promoting the real-life implications of new tech, rather than on a catchy new name.”"
    “When we think of beauty in its essence we think of sights, smells and tastes that are pleasing to us. When thinking of beauty trends for Black consumers we see that their focus it to capture that intrinsic meaning. Black men and women see beauty trends as an opportunity to..."
    “The movement towards holistic health and self-care – fuelled in part by the pandemic – has become part of the conversation surrounding weight management strategies. It’s now imperative that industry players utilize a lifestyle approach for the greatest efficacy and sustainability. While emotional ‘feel good’ factors are important, weight managers..."
    “The fact that almost every Canadian has enjoyed baked goods over the past three months leaves little room for growth from a penetration standpoint, but offers hope that consumer enthusiasm can be translated into growth through increased occasions. While health concerns will limit the types and quantities of baked goods..."
    “2022 has been an eventful year for gaming so far. The development of ‘live service’-style games permeates all aspects of the industry as brands try to find their own ‘Fortnite’ or ‘GTA Online’. The launch of Valve’s Steam Deck in February marks one of the most innovative developments in PC..."
    “Economic anxieties have risen following record inflation, increasing consumer demand for packaging sizes that provide the best value. While value is a top-of-mind concern, brands must also respond to consumers’ interest in sustainability. On-pack claims and text can educate consumers on sustainability topics and help consumers make informed, environmentally friendly ..."