Ethics and Values

Ethics and Values

Brands can utilize Mintel’s market intelligence and consumer research to inform product development, brand positioning and craft relatable messaging that resonates with consumers’ ethics and values.

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    “As the country continues to recover from several years of unprecedented turmoil, Americans’ outlook on the country remains fairly bleak. Many question the moral health of the country and anticipate American values will worsen in next 20 years. Despite a growing generational divide in Americans’ sense of patriotism and national..."
    “As inflation and economic uncertainty continue to drive consumers to cautiously monitor their spending, brands and marketers have questioned if purpose-driven shopping can survive as price consciousness takes center stage in consumers’ minds. However, a brand’s moral value and social consciousness can enhance its purchase value just as effectively as..."
    “Americans remain concerned about the national division currently splitting the US across social, political and economic issues. Most are skeptical that the country will be able to find common ground and unite. Because of their lost faith in political leaders, many consumers are looking to brands and companies to help..."
    “Consumers expect companies to act in ethical ways that support their employees, their local communities, the environment and the greater world at large. Consumers also can’t support every company they admire all the time – they too have to make choices. However, consumers are willing to listen, learn and get ..."
    “The past two years have been marked by uncertainty, social tension and political division for Americans. This unprecedented period of time in US history has affected Americans’ outlook on the country, their fellow Americans and their own personal American values. As the country begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic..."
    “As with other industries, ethics in food and drink matter for nearly all Canadians. Focusing on ethics in one way or another is not a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘need to have’. The onset of COVID-19 has cemented this view. The good news is there is a great deal..."
    “2020 took a toll on Americans’ outlook on their country, its leaders, and their fellow Americans. Trust and optimism are lacking, with three in 10 Americans still doubting the validity of the presidential election results, and more than four in 10 skeptical that the country will be able to restore..."
    “All companies are in business to sell a product or service. The brands that realize their beliefs, values and ethical practices are what will set them apart from competitors will be most successful in earning the hearts of their customers, and that’s what matters most at the end of..."
    “The bulk of Canadians consider themselves to be conscious shoppers, meaning that brands today must find ways to integrate corporate social responsibility policies as part of their identity. While price and quality continue to be the top factors considered when making purchases, consumer optimism that actions taken now can have..."
    "Food shoppers, especially those aged 18-34, feel increasingly strongly about holding the brands they purchase to high ethical standards, making it imperative for food marketers and retailers to consider ethics in every aspect of their business practices. Still, food shoppers also take a range of other factors into account. In..."
    "About two thirds of adults say they want the brands they support to be ethical. What exactly that means is murky, but most consumers believe that brands have an obligation to not jeopardize their customers’ health or safety. About half of all consumers think companies have a responsibility to “do..."