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Trending Flavors and Ingredients

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    Limiting products' perceived tradeoffs relative to homemade can deepen engagement among consumers already sold on the convenience and quality they bring to the table. Adriana Chychula, Analyst – Food, Drink & Nutrition ..."
    Flavor lifecycles are changing as consumers explore more in their kitchens, look to more casual occasions for trial and are influenced and inspired by social media. Sydney Riebe, Analyst – US Food and Drink ..."
    As the purpose of snacking continues to evolve, flavor remains the central motivator. Innovation that pairs flavor with function can extend occasions even further. Sydney Riebe, Analyst – US Food and Drink ..."
    Steady growth in ingredient interest and fluency bodes well for BPC while making ingredient narratives more competitive to speak to comfort, value, and efficacy. Joan Li, Senior Analyst, Beauty and Personal Care ..."
    Nearly half of consumers currently purchase value added proteins, primarily to save time, demonstrating the power of convenience enhanced by exciting tastes. Pooja Lal, Research Analyst ..."
    “The opportunity to discover international flavors and ingredients has never been more present, thanks to increased diversity and rapid dissemination of global cuisine information on social media. Flavors that are grounded in the familiar, either format or fusion can help guide leery consumers, while bolder flavor innovation can lead with..."
    “Flavor versatility is critical for dips and sauces in proving value in the short term, but also points to increased opportunities to guide younger consumers on how to maximize the flavor potential for these products. Longer term growth will be driven by quality formulations with BFY, recognizable ingredients, which bring..."
    “Non-alcoholic drinks are riding waves of curiosity away from alcohol and toward innovative flavors and ingredients. Millennial interest is especially strong, and driven by a sense of familiarity amidst novelty, brand loyalty, the appeal of functionality and fun.” – Michele Scott, Associate Director This Report looks at the following areas: Non-alcoholic drink..."
    “Increased snacking continues, as habits built during the pandemic have translated into new routines and expanded occasions. Unique flavor innovation can be the key to blurring the line between healthy and indulgent snacks, as consumers increasingly seek both BFY and comforting ingredients.” – Sydney Riebe, Analyst, US Food & Drink Reports This..."
    “Interest in beauty and personal care ingredients has grown over the past year, with most shoppers researching product formulations at least occasionally. Interest in ingredients is driven largely by a desire to understand a product’s efficacy and ensure that it is safe to use. Consumers recognize a gap in their..."
    “Competing in the crowded alcoholic beverage industry and appealing to engaged Gen Z and Millennial drinkers will demand brands to create not only flavorful experiences but also expand the call for healthier options and functional ingredients. Yet, in an economic climate that makes discretionary spending and new product exploration a..."
    “With a majority of BPC users researching ingredients, safety, health and most importantly, efficacy remain at the forefront of consumers’ minds. Additionally, consumer awareness of active and natural ingredients bodes well for the category, and brands must go the extra mile to validate the effectiveness of its formulations. As the..."
    “Dairy is a kitchen mainstay being called upon again to help consumers during an inflation-induced return to home kitchens. Despite price increases that outpace other categories, the omnipresence and relative affordability of dairy categories secures their central place on shopping lists. Instead of taking this privileged position for granted, brands..."
    “Rising prices are prompting consumers to trade down to less expensive protein options demanding that brands work to demonstrate their value: cue the merits of flavor experiences. Variety, versatility and convenience delivered through flavor in recipe, build and meal planning inspiration can help consumers to navigate tighter budgets, while still..."
    “Trust, familiarity and nostalgia which anchored strong sales in 2020 are still key assets to dessert and confection manufacturers, as desserts benefit from powerful sensorial associations as well as cultural ones. However, consumers – especially Gen Z and Millennials – are also looking for more flavor innovation, healthfulness, functionality and,..."
    “Global cuisines remain a conduit of both creativity and comfort despite the volatility of the past two years. Slight shifts are emerging pointing to signs that while mainstream cuisines remain popular consumers are exploring beyond the classics. While interest in exploration signifies innovation opportunities, brands will need to offer balanced ..."