Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers

Brands can utilize Mintel’s market intelligence and consumer research to inform product development, brand positioning and craft relatable messaging that resonates with Baby Boomer consumers’ unique preferences.

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    Maintaining quality of life now and into the future is the priority Baby Boomers. Financial stability makes them a more a discerning, though loyal, segment. Carol Wong-Li, Director – Consumers & Culture ..."
    “Baby Boomers are more savvy online shoppers than they feel they are given credit for. Despite not being digital natives, they have adapted to shopping online, in many ways because the pandemic forced them to. While they have returned to shopping in-stores, three quarters of this generation still shops online..."
    “Baby Boomers account for one in five Americans and more than half the country’s wealth. While they have trailed younger generations in adopting new technology and digital services, the pandemic served as a catalyst for many tech holdouts and they are quickly expanding their digital behaviors. Their size, wealth and..."
    “Baby Boomers who are faced with looming age-related health concerns have started to redefine what a healthy lifestyle looks like, paying more attention to a broader scope of health concerns beyond physical aches and pains. As many Baby Boomers have adopted the idea of aging in place, they have begun ..."
    “Companies don’t need to reinvent the wheel when catering to seniors. As a consumer group, they are much more engaged and much more tech savvy than they get credit for. This lifestage informs their sense of ‘value’. Like younger consumers, seniors are keen on experiential elements, not because they are..."
    “Older consumers are increasingly adopting online shopping practices across categories. They are savvier than some might credit them, desiring to use ecommerce not only for health and safety but for convenience and an enjoyable experience as well. As a result, many will continue shopping online even as COVID-19 becomes less..."