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Black Americans

Brands can utilize Mintel’s market intelligence and consumer research to inform product development, brand positioning and craft relatable messaging that resonates with Black American consumers’ unique preferences.

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    Mass merchandisers are essential to Black consumers. Their needs align with the general population, but retailers have an opportunity to engage them based on niche interests. Courtney Rominiyi, Multicultural Consumer Insights Analyst ..."
    Black American identity is layered and shaped by diverse experiences. Brands are a key part of the narrative around identity as they reflect images to the masses. Courtney Rominiyi, Multicultural Consumer Insights Analyst ..."
    Beauty for Black consumers is simple. They want products that are accessible, affordable and effective for themselves and their families. Courtney Rominiyi, Multicultural Consumer Insights Analyst ..."
    Black consumers are looking to stretch out the cycle between product purchases and looking to longer-term protective or low-manipulation styles. A Mintel Analyst, Global Analyst ..."
    “Black Millennials are at peak adulthood and their perspectives on life reflect such. As Millennials age, they are showing that their needs are similar to that of any adult who is building a career, raising a family, or both. Black Millennials are in need of supports for their respective life..."
    “For Black Gen Zs, the sentiment towards the future is that it’s going to be a hard, bumpy ride. Being focused on establishing careers, they’re aiming high and targeting homeownership – a visible sign of financial security. They’ll need help getting there given their lifestage, but beyond that, because they..."
    “Identities are more than what meets the eye. Our identities are our lived experiences, and Black consumers are focused on expressing those experiences through various mediums. Although Black consumers have a special interest in physical appearance as a form of self-expression, physical appearance is just a microcosm of their greater..."
    “Haircare products straddle multiple identities, with some products viewed as purchase essentials, and others as nice-to-haves. Amid this inflationary period during which shoppers are spending conservatively, brands will want to stake the claim that their full repertoire is seen as essential must-haves that serve as foundational to personal hygiene and..."
    “While inflationary pricing has most consumers prioritizing cost savings, Black consumers will be especially strong targets for value messaging. However, value will be better received as ‘getting more for your money,’ including help with health goals, making shoppers feel seen and understood, and providing an enjoyable and engaging shopping experience,..."
    “Black moms are dynamic in how they choose to present themselves. They are focused on ensuring their children have everything they need and are set up to succeed, yet moms don’t lose sight of the person they are outside of motherhood. Managing pregnancy, identity, and even technology, Black moms have..."
    “When we think of beauty in its essence we think of sights, smells and tastes that are pleasing to us. When thinking of beauty trends for Black consumers we see that their focus it to capture that intrinsic meaning. Black men and women see beauty trends as an opportunity to..."
    “Millennials as a generation are movers, shakers and change makers, and that same sentiment stands true when we think of Black Millennials. Many elements of their identity are attached to Black culture and society, but Black Millennials are working endlessly to transform the narrative for the Black community and also..."
    “Finding balance in life to maintain your health can come with many sacrifices: deciding whether to focus on mental or physical health, what to eat, drink, and how to manage a work-life balance. For most Black consumers, straddling that line is where most seem to be as they consider their ..."
    This report will help you to uncover opportunities and understand the key issues affecting your market. How? By giving you instant access to analysis and critical recommendations. It will also challenge routine thinking by providing fresh, new perspectives that energizes your thought processes. Mintel research sources can include exclusive consumer data, ..."
    “Many Black adults have positive attitudes toward their heritage and cultural roots. They share an immense pride in their ancestry yet still believe they have the power to control the results of their lives. With deep honor in who they are, many of these same adults are insecure about how..."
    “Despite being hard hit by conditions surrounding the pandemic, Black consumers are eager to zip up their suitcases to escape their everyday routines. To build these connections, brands need to first take measurable steps toward diversity and inclusion to accurately represent Black consumers as active participants in the travel space...."