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Gen Z

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    Hispanic Gen Zs, born between 1997 and 2010, account for about 14.7 million of the 59.5 million Gen Zs in the US (about one quarter of the generation). While their discretionary spending is more focused on appearances and experiences, there is a clear opportunity to support them in managing budgets to..."
    As Gen Z consumers look to build wealth and travel in the next year, Millennials strategize how best to handle existing debt with expanding financial obligations. Patrick Rahlfs, Senior Research Analyst ..."
    Gen Z represents an increasingly important target audience across categories; brands will want to understand what they want from an online shopping experience. Marisa Ortega, Retail & eCommerce Analyst ..."
    “For Black Gen Zs, the sentiment towards the future is that it’s going to be a hard, bumpy ride. Being focused on establishing careers, they’re aiming high and targeting homeownership – a visible sign of financial security. They’ll need help getting there given their lifestage, but beyond that, because they..."
    “Hispanic Gen Zs are in need of guidance reaching their goals as they are impacted by current financial uncertainty and anxious about establishing their financial footing but still strive for major milestones – like buying a home – by the time they turn 30. Though their current focus is on..."
    “Gen Z is still learning the ropes of adulthood, but now is the time for brands to make lasting connections with this consumer group.The diversity of this generation has exposed these consumers to a range of perspectives and ideas that no other group had before them – which is..."
    “Gen Zs continue to age into greater responsibility and spending power. Brands can help this group ease their discontent and sense of not being as far along as they should be in life. While the pandemic and economic uncertainty have been obstacles to Gen Z progress, they haven’t stifled optimism...."
    “Current economic influences and automotive market conditions have increased barriers for Gen Z and Millennials looking to purchase a new or used vehicle. Moving forward, it will be critical for auto brands and retailers to understand the varying needs across younger generations as well as the physical and digital touchpoints..."
    “Gen Zs have unique interests, behaviors and expectations when they shop. Brands and retailers looking to target and appeal to them will want to tailor shopping experiences and product offerings to meet their needs and preferences. Moving forward, the various forms of value and technology that enhances and makes shopping..."
    “Generation Z consists of an array of young consumers at different stages of life, making them a key audience across most beauty categories. However, given their young age, Gen Z adults are particularly vulnerable to all of the uncertainty brought on by pandemic-related disruptions and record-level inflation rates, leading some..."
    “Both Millennials and Gen Z are heavily plugged-in generations, but there are a few differences between them when it comes to their approach to technology. First, it’s worth pointing out that while Gen Z are digital natives, most Millennials are not, and this informs the speed at which each generation..."
    “Gen Zs were forced to come of age in uncertain times, facing pandemic-related disruptions during the final stages of childhood and the first of adulthood, followed by record inflation. Already vulnerable to new financial pressures, Gen Z will remain focused on value. Brands can ease the transition, providing guidance, rewards..."
    “Whether they are teenagers or young adults, Gen Z are in a transitory phase in their lives, as even the adult members of this generation are not yet fully financially independent of their parents. While also having to deal with the struggles traditionally associated with coming of age, Gen Z ..."
    “Gen Z now represents the young adult market in Canada and will continue to grow in size and purchasing power in the years ahead. In many ways, they are similar to past generations – but their differences have important implications for the consumer market.Specifically, their media habits, usage of digital ..."
    “Gen Z is a generation with great influence, both financially and culturally, despite being a smaller group compared to Millennials and Baby Boomers. Teens already have great influence over where they eat with their family and friends, which shows that restaurants need to connect with Gen Z early on. As..."
    “Gen Zs aren’t living up to the old adage of being young and carefree as they’re bogged down with worry about sustaining their current standard of living and worse, that their financial dependence is making them a burden on their families. As this is clearly not a healthy mental space..."