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    Education is a crucial element to help reduce shame and help empower women to seek relief instead of opting to deal with struggles on their own. Lindsay Cameron, Analyst – Health & Wellness ..."
    “Women’s sports are an important and growing segment of today’s sports industry. Women’s sports fans are among the most passionate, yet are an underestimated and overlooked element of modern sports fans. Emerging from the 50th Anniversary of Title IX, women’s sports are set to achieve the next level of success..."
    “While they may not be as eager to claim the gamer label, women gamers are a major demographic that has been historically neglected by the gaming community. That’s been changing in recent years, and women gamers are ready to tell the haters to either get on board or get out..."
    “The COVID-19 pandemic intensified the spotlight on health and wellness, with women’s wellness being no exception. An aging population provides opportunity for brands to cater to the needs of older shoppers, looking beyond pregnancy to include the menopausal journey and other age-related issues.” – Jennifer White Boehm, Director – US ..."
    “The stereotype of gaming as something ‘just for men’ continues to linger, but is fading as more women have joined the gaming community. With two thirds of women playing video games, gaming and non-gaming brands alike need to consider how they can reach their target female audience through interactive gameplay..."