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    Energy Drinks – US by Mintel Market Sizes provides you with annual year-end market size data, most recently updated in 2023. This market covers sugar-free and regular energy drinks and shots. Energy drinks are marketed with additives specifically designed to increase alertness. Market size comprises sales through all retail channels..."
    Milk and non-dairy milks are staples in most US households. With rising costs, value comes through simplicity and highlighting new use possibilities. Julia Mills, Food & Drink Analyst ..."
    “Enjoying CSDs isn’t antithetical to consumers’ wellness aspirations, and while they want to see functional benefits and low calorie products, they don’t expect reformulations to be overtly healthy. Rather, brands can help consumers make CSDs an essential part of their desired lifestyles, acting as a reliable source of enjoyment and..."
    “Economic uncertainty currently impacting the coffee category is expected to be short-lived, yet to remain relevant brands will need to keep up with evolving tastes, occasions and needs, especially of young coffee lovers.” – Caleb Bryant, Associate Director of Food and Drink Reports This Report looks at the following areas How Gen..."
    “Elevated foodservice coffee and tea drinks that are not easily replicated at home and that deliver on quality and affordability will encourage patrons to justify AFH experiences as they remain challenged to limit discretionary spending due to inflation. Coffee and tea operators must nail down the basics to continue to..."
    “Even as flavor and nutrition innovations elevate the familiar and reshape aisles, it is simplicity – juice’s longstanding draw – that remains an undercurrent of juice purchase. However, simple formulations don’t have to be limiting; juice’s fluid nature poises it to shift from wellness to enjoyment and between occasions with..."
    “The economic sentiment for most of last year was that the US was headed towards a downturn, as inflation ran rampant in tandem with quickly rising interest rates. Over a year from when prices peaked at a more than 40-year high, however, the US economy has continued to defy the..."
    “The incidence of sustainability claims on food and drink packaging is on the rise, and consumers say they want to make the best choices for the environment. Still, sustainable brands must also convince shoppers that their products will also meet consumers’ needs on the core factors that have always driven..."
    Bottled Water – US by Mintel Market Sizes provides you with annual year-end market size data, most recently updated in 2023. This market covers all packaged still, sparkling and flavoured water. Market size is based on retail (off trade) and non-retail (on trade) sales. Market size for Bottled Water –..."
    “Non-alcoholic drinks are riding waves of curiosity away from alcohol and toward innovative flavors and ingredients. Millennial interest is especially strong, and driven by a sense of familiarity amidst novelty, brand loyalty, the appeal of functionality and fun.” – Michele Scott, Associate Director This Report looks at the following areas: Non-alcoholic drink..."
    “Functional drinks are a rapidly evolving space, challenging brands to keep pace with emerging trends without losing sight of the basics. In any case, flavor serves as an introduction; working backwards to connect related ingredients to micronutrients and their broader functions can satisfy thirst, with science-backed wellness to justify whim..."
    “The nutrition drinks market may be fighting outdated ‘dieting’ perceptions, but its convenient nutrient delivery can be positioned to target a range of health needs – weight management included. Using contemporary definitions of wellness as a catalyst for a function-forward refresh allows brands to accompany consumers on their holistic health..."
    “Energy drinks remain a growing segment of the wider beverage industry, its growth attributed to core category loyalists as well as category newcomers attracted by BFY energy drinks. The energizing beverage landscape is rife with competitors, but energy drink brands can remain relevant by addressing consumers’ interest in health while..."
    A changing definition of health will become increasingly more inclusive of functionality, yet will not provide hall passes for products, ingredients or claims that don’t set realistic expectations. The correlation between scientific integrity, personally tangible results (long- or short-term) and value are important to continue growing functionality’s value in health..."
    “Sports and performance drink brands may be working to distance their image from exercise, but ultimately still find themselves using fitness identity as a reference point for marketing. Whether appealing to less active consumers through the promise of refreshment or to fitness-oriented consumers looking for an edge, offering layered functionality..."
    “Rising financial uncertainty has not dampened bottled water demand as bottled water remains a core household necessity among engaged category loyalists. Water’s ultimate health halo, along with increased interest in small personal indulgences, signals new opportunities for premium, functional, sustainable packaged water products that offer consumers a taste of luxury..."