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    “Tea is naturally among the “original” functional drinks, yet flies a bit under the radar in the broader beverage landscape that is teeming with functional offerings. Yet, younger adults seek many fundamental tea features: flavor variety, BFY benefits and versatility calling for brands to go on the offensive targeting energy,..."
    “Elevated foodservice coffee and tea drinks that are not easily replicated at home and that deliver on quality and affordability will encourage patrons to justify AFH experiences as they remain challenged to limit discretionary spending due to inflation. Coffee and tea operators must nail down the basics to continue to..."
    Tea producers continue to innovate around consumers' functional and flavour demands, as new launches flag up ethical and environmental credentials. Mikolaj Kaczorowski, Innovation Analyst ..."

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    Tea brands can future-proof the category by recruiting the next generation of consumers, being relevant to the sober lifestyle and focusing on sustainability. Tan Heng Hong, Senior Food & Drink Analyst ..."
    “Tea’s time-honored roles in both the wellness space and many consumer routines secures demand in the face of pricing volatility, though inflation’s blanket presence over grocery purchase decisions may amplify – and redirect – consumers’ value appraisals. A category comfortably basking in its health halo, tea and tea drink brands..."

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    The prevailing holistic wellness ethos is extending to beauty and planetary health. Julia Buech, Global Food & Drink Analyst ..."

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    Explore holistic health, new functional health frontiers, and the role of cold tea in new formats as a better-for-you soft drink alternative. Julia Buech, Global Food & Drink Analyst ..."

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    Global Annual Review: what's now and what's next for the tea market.Julia Buech, Global Food & Drink Analyst..."

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    Global Annual Review: what's now and what's next for the tea market.Julia Buech, Global Food & Drink Analyst..."
    "Coffee and tea consumption has increased year over year, driven by away-from-home occasions. As people re-establish work routines, operators must create appealing spaces for commuters returning to the office and remote workers seeking a “third space.” With health still in the forefront of consumers’ minds, tea brands should showcase benefits like boosted immunity..."
    "Year over year, coffee and tea consumption has decreased, driven by at-home consumption. With away-from-home consumption showing a slow rebound, opportunity lies in capturing consumers who are re-forming habits. Brands should ensure at-home coffee and tea options feel premium yet convenient, while operators should make sure they have trendy and..."
    "Coffee and tea consumption has gone up year over year driven, in particular, by away-from-home specialty coffee and tea drinks as restaurant restrictions were lifted. While the Delta variant may bring more restrictions, operators and brands should offer consumers, especially younger generations, specialty beverages now to inspire consumer loyalty through..."
    “As Americans become increasingly engaged with a health and wellness mentality, the market will see greater diversity of users. This will necessitate that tea innovations capture a broader range of health and wellness benefits while placing flavor and refreshment at the forefront of messaging. The opportunity is to deliver added..."
    “The foodservice coffee and tea market suffered acute losses during the pandemic as morning commute traffic dissipated. While traffic will rebound as the country reopens, the rise of remote work will create new challenges. However, the pandemic accelerated consumers’ shift away from basic coffee/tea beverages toward cold and specialty drinks,..."
    "Operators and brands should prep for consumers to look for experiential coffee and tea drinks that are appropriate on premise and on-the-go. As restaurants open up and consumers venture out of the home, they will be expecting a wide variety of options and unique indulgent drinks." - Emma Allmann, Junior Analyst ..."
    “Tea in all its forms has been given a boost by COVID-19 and the changes it has brought to the routines of work and shopping. With natural and inherent properties that convey a plethora of health benefits, like immunity and relaxation, tea’s profile will rise during the pandemic. The category..."