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    “The women’s clothing market is still growing despite the current inflationary environment; however, its full potential is being stifled as women shift shopping behaviors to adjust to rising costs. Female shoppers remain focused on finding the right fit and want retailers to help them with this. They’re also keen to..."
    “The underwear market is poised for growth and rapid change. Already, the market has seen a push toward inclusive sizing and body-positive messaging, which has opened up ample opportunity for smaller brands. Consumers are seeking authenticity from underwear brands, looking for them to showcase what real people look like and..."
    “The men’s and women’s clothing market continues to show resiliency amid constant retraction and expansion as it responds to a surplus of outside factors. For the foreseeable future, the biggest threatening headwind is inflation, which is pulling the market toward another period of retraction. Retailers and brands must be focused..."