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    A burgeoning segment of young investors has increased the dominance of banks as an investment institution, while new Canadians seek digital alternatives. Patrick Rahlfs, Senior Research Analyst ..."
    “While the macroeconomic challenges of 2022 have quelled investor confidence, the US has continued to make strides and seen considerable improvements across various areas of its economy. Should these improvements be sustained, and the coveted soft landing be achieved, investor confidence could be reignited alongside an influx of younger, first-time..."
    “Traditional channels of investing are equally popular among all age segments while digital company use trends higher among younger investors. Financial advisors are viewed positively with high awareness about performance expectations and fees, while willingness to use robo-advisors is still limited.” – Sanjay Sharma, Senior Financial Services Analyst Key issues covered in..."
    “The retail investment industry continued to experience strong growth in 2021, as an influx of first-time investors made their way into the market. While some may lose interest in investing because of current economic factors, such as rising inflation, there are still opportunities for brands to attract new-to-market investors. Fractional ..."
     “Financial wellness lies at the intersection between consumers’ current financial state and their forward-looking goals and concerns. The rooting of financial wellness in education and financial literacy empowers consumers to gain a fuller understanding of their individual financial situations and confidently set personal targets for their futures. With the pandemic ..."
    “Soaring financial and real estate markets are raising inflationary concerns which might lead to an increase in interest rates. This increase is likely to stretch mortgage owners and lead to a spill-over effect on the broader economy and stock market.”- Sanjay Sharma, Senior Financial Services AnalystThis Report looks..."
    “Having already achieved many financial goals often missed or delayed among lower-income demographics, emerging affluent and affluent adults are a target that needs to be approached with more finesse than the standard finance consumer. They frequently look to professional financial advisors when seeking out finance information, but well over half..."
    “The nature of investing throughout the remainder of 2020 will be very much dictated by the extent to which the US and global economies can safely and effectively begin to reopen, which is further dependent on the ability of the scientific community to mount an effective medical response to the..."
    “Current markets trends are seeing increasing interest in ESG investing, while the current COVID-19 world will witness a rise in thematic investing related to those sectors that will reshape the post-pandemic world.” – Sanjay Sharma, Senior Financial Services AnalystThis report examines the following areas:The impact of COVID-19 on consumer..."
    “In the short-term, affluent consumer preferences shift to safer fixed income investments such as bonds, savings accounts and GICs. But in the middle to longer-term, relatively normal levels expected to resume, potential with an increase in use of financial advisors as affluent investors are more likely to value expert advice.”"
    “ETFs continue to grow in popularity as more investors buy into the concept of low cost, passive investing. While the affluent have embraced ETFs, the mass affluent segment is still relatively untapped.”– Sanjay Sharma, Senior Financial Services AnalystThis report examines the following issues:Around one in four has mutual funds, one..."
    "The FinTech revolution has borne a stable of robo-advisor and other self-service investment options for the average consumer, and brought with it tools and products that were previously only accessible for wealthy investors at traditional institutions. But while consumers now have greater accessibility to the investment sector, the glut of..."
    "As payment cards and banking apps are becoming the main ways in which Hispanics interact with their banks, the nature of customer touchpoints are shifting away from bank branches. For banks to drive longer-term loyalty, it is important they find ways to generate a desire for in-person conversations to gain..."
    "The majority of Black consumers have at least one bank account, but the share is slightly lower than the general market. Black consumers are satisfied with their bank, which is rooted in the anytime, anywhere customer service they receive plus tools to help them manage their money. Customer service and..."