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    The future of fintech holds immense potential, promising greater financial inclusion along with reshaping the way consumers engage with their finances. Amr Hamdi, Finance Analyst ..."

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    “Neobanks have a tough road to navigate going into next year. Recessionary fears only loom larger, which will have adverse effects on the profitability and survivability of many neobanks. Growing competitive threats from industry behemoths such as Apple and Amazon continue to loom as well, as these incumbents continue to..."
    “Fintech has continued to elevate the financial services industry, providing value for consumers in a wide array of areas such as ecommerce, payments and safer digital experiences, as well as greater inclusivity into the credit system. Fintech’s customer-centric approach will have especially resonated with many during the current economic climate,..."
    “The challenge for Fintech upstarts is to convert the greater attitudinal openness of younger consumers to digital banks into meaningful market share. This will be a long journey as the big banks in Canada are well entrenched, so the best bet for Fintech challengers is to target niche markets while..."
    “The pandemic tested FIs’ resilience with regards to adapting to heightened consumer demand for digital banking services. Providers emerged stronger on the other side, with adoption surging and satisfaction sitting at healthy levels. While adoption has accelerated, mobile banking is still perceived to be the less secure and inferior channel ..."
    “The pandemic has highlighted the various ways fintech has infiltrated the lives of many, from the shift to contactless payments to providing those that lack credit scores with credit and offering flexible financing options during an economic downturn – just a few ways financial services have continued to evolve due..."
    "Consumers may seem to have wholly embraced a digital future, but they are not yet ready to cede full control of their financial lives to technology. While more people than ever are using biometric login credentials and mobile wallets, far more believe in-person interactions will always be critical. Perhaps ironically,..."