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Prepared Meals

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    Vegan and plant-based claims are rising among launches in Europe, as frozen formats surge in Asia and more meat and poultry flavours arrive in North America. Mikolaj Kaczorowski, Innovation Analyst ..."
    “Convenience is a category-defining benefit for prepared meals, but the biggest opportunities for growth may come for products that slow things down, just a little bit. Alternative prep methods that bypass the microwave, new cuisines to explore and ideas for customizing and mixing and matching meals and sides have the..."
    Plant-based launches continue to proliferate, as manufacturers innovate to improve the sustainable, and also processed, image of meals and meal kits. Mikolaj Kaczorowski, Innovation Analyst ..."
    “Convenience is a defining benefit of the prepared meals category, but in an increasingly competitive marketplace, convenience alone isn’t enough to drive sustained growth. Prepared meals makers must work to meet ever-rising consumer expectations for product quality, health, and taste.” – John Owen, Associate Director – Food and Retail This report covers..."
    Prepared meals are targeting foodservice-deprived consumers by expanding flavour repertoires and innovating around convenience and sustainability credentials. Mikolaj Kaczorowski, Innovation Analyst ..."
    The pandemic has prompted people to rethink the ways they invest their time. Food and drink brands have an opportunity to support consumers' new priorities. Ophélie Buchet, Global Food & Drink Analyst ..."
    Global Annual Review: what’s now and what’s next for the prepared meal, pizza and soup market.Ayisha Koyenikan, Global Food & Drink Analyst..."
    “While the prepared meals category got a substantial temporary sales boost during the pandemic as consumers cut back on foodservice spending, it had been generating modest growth before, driven by improvements in product quality, healthfulness and cuisine variety. Continued improvement in these areas will be necessary to keep the category..."
    “While meal kits have seen ups and downs since the first services started to appear around 2012, the COVID-19 pandemic has provided the industry with a boost as consumers have focused on home cooking and looked to limit grocery shopping trips. The increase in demand has also at least temporarily..."
    "After a slight sales decline, the prepared meal category has enjoyed several consecutive years of positive growth, a trend expected to continue. Single-serve and side dishes have fared particularly well, with notable successes in vegetable-based side dishes catering to the consumer interest in increasing their vegetable intake, as well as..."
    Ready Meals (inc pizza) in US by Mintel Market Sizes provides you with annual year-end market size data, most recently updated in 2019. This comprises packaged frozen, chilled and shelf stable pizzas and other ready meals. Market sizes are based on sales through all retail outlets and direct to consumer...."