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    Innovation is mainly focused around convenience and authentic flavours, like beechwood smoke. Also, producers are flagging up the inherent nutrient content of fish. Alex Beckett, Director – Mintel Food & Drink ..."
    Our US bacon and lunch meat industry report shows that in spite of ups and downs in availability and prices, bacon and deli meat remain in demand, demonstrating the appeal of affordable proteins, routines, and versatility. Kamari Davis - Research Analyst, Food & Drink ..."
    “The influence of accessible pricing and easier prep make the hot dogs and sausages category a good entry point for young adults as they transition into independent meal and snack responsibilities and beyond. Yet brands must reinvigorate notions of applications, occasions and even tastes to stay relevant.”– Mimi Bonnett,..."

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    “Poultry dollar sales growth, while highly dependent on inflation also continues to benefit by retaining the reputation as affordable protein. A staple in most households, brands can increase frequency and consumption occasions by offering versatile, convenient and nutritious products that remind consumers of the value of poultry.” – Sydney Riebe, Analyst,..."
    “While red meat has notoriously struggled with a less-than-healthy perception, despite accolades for protein content, the category has earned somewhat of an indulgent reputation in both a positive and a negative sense. More than seven in 10 category participants agree that quality is worth increased price, yet 4 in ten..."
    The now and next of proteins is centered around balancing tradeoffs in the areas of value, level of processing, ethical considerations and technology. Megan Stanton, Associate Director – Mintel Food and Drink ..."
    “There has never been more variety in how consumers can incorporate protein into their diets. Animal-based options such a meat and cheese remain most popular, but plant-based alternatives continue to make inroads. In Canada there is perceived demand for more protein, meaning there remains runway for innovation in this space..."
    “Fish and shellfish fans are conflicted: drawn to the health, taste and often premium experience the category represents, yet everyday occasions and frequency are challenged by limited perceptions of ease, versatility and predictably and price. Brands and retailers can help reshape these ideas and break down barriers with simplification, flavorful..."
    Animal welfare claims are soaring in Europe while nutrient-boosted sausages are emerging in Asia. Mikolaj Kaczorowski, Innovation Analyst ..."
    “Rising prices are prompting consumers to trade down to less expensive protein options demanding that brands work to demonstrate their value: cue the merits of flavor experiences. Variety, versatility and convenience delivered through flavor in recipe, build and meal planning inspiration can help consumers to navigate tighter budgets, while still..."
    “Protein is the focal point of consumers’ plates as well as discussions of health, sustainability and ethics. As consumers continue to lean on home cooking during inflation’s prolonged grip on wallets, they must decide how their definitions of value translate into their protein purchasing priorities. Balancing mealtime satisfaction with affordability, ..."
    The next five years is a pivotal time for the category. In the shifting socioeconomic environment, the challenge is to meet consumers’ multifaceted value expectations. Dasha Shor, Global Food Analyst ..."
    “The intimidation factor is a strong deterrent that is hampering more diverse participation in the fish and shellfish category and, despite some cooking burnout, it’s time to address the issue. Rising food prices coupled with unprecedented labor issues are forcing foodservice operators to scramble to recover from the fallout of..."
    “In the pandemic’s first year, with a significant number of consumers and school-aged children at home with few away-from-home food options, bacon and lunch meat saw dramatic increases in sales: 21% in 2020 and another 6% in 2021. Yet, this growth also reflects the strongly established usage patterns of the ..."
    “Proteins are center of the plate influencers: their flavors drive the side dishes paired around them for nearly half of consumers. And while many agree that flavor in value-added meats is worth the extra cost, the majority of consumers do not. Value-added flavor innovation is a great start to connecting ..."
    Meat alternatives innovation will accelerate, prompting animal protein producers to step up communication and R&D around quality, nutrition and sustainability. Dasha Shor, Global Food Analyst ..."