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    Meat substitute brands are targeting flexitarian consumers with meatier textures and flavours. Sustainability and convenience are also innovation themes . Mikolaj Kaczorowski, Innovation Analyst ..."
    Dairy alternative acceptance continues to grow slowly, yet the push beyond “milk” is slow in coming, especially among older adults. Mimi Bonnett, Director of Food, Drink & Foodservice Reports ..."
    “For diners, plant-based proteins aren’t winning against meat on core factors that define a great meal. Operators need to aim beyond the goal of simply achieving taste and texture parity with meat, and offer diners something worth coming back for – a novel dining experience that feels premium and features..."
    “PBMA sales have slid from their peak in 2020 as consumers abandon the category in favor of less expensive protein options. The category continues to struggle with negative perceptions even among those who follow a reduced meat diet. Yet silver linings still exist, the frozen PBMA category remains relatively resilient..."
    Plant-based drink makers continue to address flavour issues, as oats grow their share of plant-based ice cream and dairy-free yogurts flag up value credentials. Amrin Walji, Senior Innovation Analyst ..."
    The now and next of proteins is centered around balancing tradeoffs in the areas of value, level of processing, ethical considerations and technology. Megan Stanton, Associate Director – Mintel Food and Drink ..."
    “There has never been more variety in how consumers can incorporate protein into their diets. Animal-based options such a meat and cheese remain most popular, but plant-based alternatives continue to make inroads. In Canada there is perceived demand for more protein, meaning there remains runway for innovation in this space..."
    The next evolution of the plant-based trend will heavily cater to the consumer motivations behind plant-based eating and rely on technology for differentiation. Dasha Shor, Global Food Analyst ..."
    “Rising prices are prompting consumers to trade down to less expensive protein options demanding that brands work to demonstrate their value: cue the merits of flavor experiences. Variety, versatility and convenience delivered through flavor in recipe, build and meal planning inspiration can help consumers to navigate tighter budgets, while still..."
    “PBMA sales are slowing following the market’s pandemic-driven growth in 2020, as initial trial of PBMA products has not translated to sustained category engagement. The PBMA market faces a positive long-term outlook; the development of better tasting, less-expensive products along with increased interest in climate-friendly diets will propel future sales ..."
    “Protein is the focal point of consumers’ plates as well as discussions of health, sustainability and ethics. As consumers continue to lean on home cooking during inflation’s prolonged grip on wallets, they must decide how their definitions of value translate into their protein purchasing priorities. Balancing mealtime satisfaction with affordability, ..."
    Innovation in plant-based drinks is focusing on improving consumer perceptions of taste and texture, as shelf-stable formats surge in Asia. Amrin Walji, Senior Innovation Analyst ..."
    The next five years is a pivotal time for the category. In the shifting socioeconomic environment, the challenge is to meet consumers’ multifaceted value expectations. Dasha Shor, Global Food Analyst ..."
    “Proteins are center of the plate influencers: their flavors drive the side dishes paired around them for nearly half of consumers. And while many agree that flavor in value-added meats is worth the extra cost, the majority of consumers do not. Value-added flavor innovation is a great start to connecting ..."
    Recent patents focus on ways to provide more choice and realism, and to widen the range of product ingredients.Syed Rabbi, Patent Analyst - Food & Drink / Beauty & Personal Care..."
    Launch activity is centring around sustainability, both in packaging and production, while better-for-you qualities are in demand. Mikolaj Kaczorowski, Innovation Analyst ..."