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    Global foods offer Canadians new culinary experiences. The challenge lies in ensuring that innovation within this expansive space aligns with consumer demand. Joel Gregoire, Associate Director of Food & Drink Reports ..."
    “Year-over-year decline in international cuisine consumption is an indicator that concern over economic uncertainty is resulting in a less-adventurous consumer. Brands and operators should ensure retention of engaged consumer groups such as Hispanic consumers with emerging cuisines, suburban consumers away-from-home and parents in the kitchen.” – Sydney Riebe, Associate Analyst, Reports ..."
    “International cuisine consumption has declined year over year, as consumer budgetary concerns leave less room for new experiences. In order to capture the largest audience, brands and operators will continue to compete on value. Experiences can feel more exciting and worthwhile if this value is showcased through heritage exploration and..."
    “Consumption of international cuisine has remained steady year over year. As inflationary concerns increase, perceptions about the value of dining occasions will evolve. Brands should consider how serving sizes and preparation options can be utilized by both large and small households and operators can look to younger generations when offering..."
    “The long history of Chinese food in the US and its resulting ubiquity ensures its role as the most consumed Asian cuisine. Trends have come and gone, but there continues to be room for additional uptake of lesser-known types of Asian food including regional and emerging cuisines. Much of Asian..."
    “Convenience is at the core of frozen snacks occasions and choice, which has served the category yet suggests that these steadfast ties may also limit consumer perceptions under normal circumstances. In the pandemic, with its restrictions and stresses, consumers turned to frozen snacks at an accelerated pace to fill seemingly..."
    “Mexican cuisine is by far the most consumed Latin cuisine, reflecting not only availability but also its profound influence on US food culture. The mainstreaming of Mexican cuisine is nearing ubiquity, yet there is still room for Latin cuisine growth. The widespread popularity of Mexican cuisine suggests that there are..."
    "It’s no surprise that the overwhelming share of Canadians say they eat internationally inspired foods in one form or another. What drives Canadians to do so is a yearning for culinary exploration and adventurous eating experiences. With most Canadians agreeing that they’re “more open to eating international foods now than..."
    "Demand for flavor innovation on the menu is already high, and it’s poised for continued future growth alongside the population growth of the most Adventurous Eaters: young and Hispanic consumers. Millennials in particular are hungry for less-common flavors and ingredients on the menu, spanning everything from sour flavors to seafood..."