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    “Fast food restaurants’ competitive edge, value, is at risk amidst economic uncertainty and tightened consumer budgets. QSR operators will need to work harder for consumers’ dining dollars, justifying the increase in menu prices by improving menu offerings, sustaining tech investments and delivering a highly personalized dining experience that builds long-term..."
    “QSR offerings and services, both on and off-premise, are rapidly evolving as automation and technological investments become ubiquitous in the industry. These are necessary investments that lend QSRs the opportunity to deliver a highly efficient and personalized experience to their customers, whose needs for value and convenience are now elevated ..."
    “Fast casual restaurants need to remain nimble and convenient for diners to continue on the road to post-pandemic recovery. This means catering to traditional mealtimes as well as expanding to other occasions, such as for work or happy hour. Expanded occasions and menu items can especially appeal to younger generations..."
    “Quick service restaurants stood to benefit the most from the COVID-19 crisis thanks to their affordability and their longstanding investments in drive-thru, takeout and delivery. They’re also viewed as the safest and most convenient meal solution for many American families right now and for the foreseeable future. QSRs will need..."
    "The majority of Hispanics claim to be loyal to the QSRs they visit. However, there is only one group – QSR Embracers – that has a positive attitude toward the category, overall. Hispanics in other groups may need confirmation that eating fast food is right for them. Offering healthier options..."
    "Black consumers visit quick service restaurants (ie “fast food” restaurants) because they are easily accessible and also because they offer tasty indulgent food that is okay to eat on occasion. As QSRs introduce menu and technological innovations to compete with other restaurants and drive in foot traffic, Black consumers are..."
    "The primary focus of this Report will be to better understand usage of quick service restaurants, the drivers and barriers to visits and the opportunities to leverage tactics such as new technology, unique flavours and emerging alternatives to meat. The findings of this Report are based on the results of..."