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    “Consumers are opting to explore restaurant takeout and delivery methods that limit the added fees and higher prices associated with third-party delivery. Interest in direct ordering for takeout and delivery is quickly growing as consumers seek special offers and discounts through loyalty programs. Operators that provide off-premise experiences that are..."
    “While the pandemic may have accelerated the usage of online ordering and meal kits, the end of lockdowns does not portend these industries’ demise. A broader share of consumers claim they are ordering groceries online as the ubiquitous adoption of mobile technology enables new behaviours and habits. Although rising prices..."
    “Consumers are facing pandemic fatigue and are enthusiastically returning to dining out. Their interest in and usage of takeout/delivery offerings remains virtually unchanged but is set to grow even further. As technological and operational advancements strengthen off-premise offerings across the industry, operators will need to compete on delivering the perfect ..."
    “Takeout and delivery programs and services have become integral to restaurants as they work to find ways to adapt to the changes accelerated by the pandemic: in consumer needs and preferences and in how brands approach business operations. Brands with established delivery and takeout programs and third-party partnerships benefited from..."
    “Demand for delivery services and meal kits exploded in 2020. While the pandemic has led to untold human and economic suffering, the problems wrought by the virus accelerated innovation that’s provided solutions. As the pandemic arguably enters the back end with life hopefully returning to a semblance of normal, the..."
    “Virtually all restaurants became takeout and delivery providers overnight as a result of COVID-19, and the ones that had made prior investments in off-premise business are unsurprisingly weathering the storm the best thus far. Restaurants of all types must continue to invest in takeout and delivery services as consumer behaviors..."