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    Amidst stiff competition to provide convenient dining, pizza restaurants are tasked with improving efficiencies, expanding occasions, and enhancing customizability. Varchasvi, Research Analyst ..."
    “Word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends remain the most prevalent restaurant discovery source, followed in importance by reviews on social platforms that speak to taste, visual appeal, and service. The foodservice industry remains competitive, especially as consumers become more digitally connected, heightening the need to stand out through communications that..."
    “While many consumers will choose to cut back on their away-from-home dining experiences to save money, operators can maintain visitation by delivering on value though appealing prices, but not at the expense of taste and quality. Finding the right balance between cost savings and promotional deals without compromising the experience..."
    “Having consistently delivered on menu variety, quality, and value despite labor and supply challenges, the casual dining segment is primed to leverage consumer loyalty, innovate boldly, and participate in emerging consumer trends, while maintaining its mass appeal as an affordable dining experience that feels reliable and special.” – Varchasvi, Analyst, US..."
    “In a time when value has heightened importance, the relative affordability of many breakfast and brunch options makes the daypart a solid place to drive traffic. While menu diversity can be a call to action that differentiates between operators, incentives in loyalty programs not only inspire occasions, but also secure..."
     “Pizza remains top of mind for consumers as a reliable and consistent product that is affordable and customizable. In an uncertain economic climate, however, successfully competing with readily available foodservice options means that pizza operators must reinforce their expertise in delivering on value and convenience and innovate in a way..."
    “On-premise technology offers operators and consumers the path to a common goal – a seamless dining experience featuring high quality food. By implementing the right technologies, restaurants can make operations efficient and deliver on consumers’ expanded needs for value, convenience, speed while also offering highly personalized experiences that build consumer..."
    “Word-of-mouth marketing remains the most vital source of restaurant discovery. Still, operators should continue to grow their brands in the digital space as it evolves. Diners want to hear more about establishments regarding topics of food quality, new menu items and loyalty rewards and programs. Operators should focus on relaying ..."
    “Consumers are facing pandemic fatigue and are enthusiastically returning to dining out. Their interest in and usage of takeout/delivery offerings remains virtually unchanged but is set to grow even further. As technological and operational advancements strengthen off-premise offerings across the industry, operators will need to compete on delivering the perfect ..."
    “International cuisine consumption has increased year over year, as consumers return to dining out. Younger consumers continue to prove most adventurous in emerging international cuisine consumption, including cooking at home. With value being at the forefront of consumers’ minds, brands and operators will have to compete to be included in ..."
    “Amidst a struggling industry, foodservice operators can lean on families in the return to growth. Beyond procurement enhancements, restaurant operators must place greater emphasis on developing menu variety – giving kids more than the status quo meal. To win family dining business, restaurant operators must focus on speed and convenience, ..."
    “Nimble and innovative full-service restaurant operators are strengthening their off-premise operations to serve expanded consumer needs for value, safety and convenience. Consumers’ enthusiasm for dining out is driving much of the segment’s recovery and lends operators the opportunity to differentiate on experience. As the segment continues to battle inflation, supply..."
    "International cuisine consumption has decreased year over year, even as consumers return to dining out. By presenting international cuisine as a new, educational experience, brands and operators can appeal to curious and adventurous consumers. Additionally, operators should use suburban sprawl as an opportunity to provide consumers with the international cuisine experiences..."
    “After a tricky year, as consumers begin to return to more out-of-home, impulsive and on-the-go occasions, operators can take on a larger role in helping diners to navigate each day while also establishing new rituals. Many breakfast (and lunch) occasions are up for grabs, making this a good time for..."
    "Lifted restaurant restrictions boosted AFH international cuisine consumption year over year as consumers ventured out of the house for dining experiences. However, operators and brands will face new opportunities and challenges as the Delta variant becomes a point of concern and further influences consumer behavior." - Emma Allman, Junior Reports Analyst ..."
    “Restaurant customers overwhelmingly embrace foodservice brand ethics, desiring to see employee welfare, animal welfare and sustainability improvements at restaurants, and this is especially true for quickly growing demographics such as younger, multicultural consumers. Consumers expect restaurant chains to be able to pay for these improvements themselves, rather than passing on..."