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Mintel’s Health and Wellbeing market research combines the latest market intelligence, industry insights and expert recommendations to help you anticipate what’s next in the Health and Wellbeing industries.

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    Consumers are engaging with the category in new ways, but need guidance from brands. Educate and empower to validate claims and meet evolving demands. Rebecca Watters, Associate Director of Household & Health ..."
    The movement toward holistic health shows that consumers seek solutions that boost the immune system and adapt to personalized maintenance and symptom relief. David Hamlette, Research Analyst; Health and Wellbeing ..."
    Millennials are emphasizing overall wellbeing by intertwining their top priority of managing their mental wellness with other aspects of physical health. Lindsay Cameron, Analyst – Health & Wellness ..."
    With the digitizing evolution of healthcare through telemedicine, consumers are forced to rediscover what it means to be valued and understood throughout stages of their health journey. David Hamlette, Research Analyst; Health and Wellbeing ..."
    As snacking replaces main meals, the BFY snack is critical to meeting nutritional needs. Despite a crowded market, consumers want ideas for BFY snacks that are easy, satiating, and delicious. Michele Scott, Associate Director, US Research – Food and Drink ..."
    Education is a crucial element to help reduce shame and help empower women to seek relief instead of opting to deal with struggles on their own. Lindsay Cameron, Analyst – Health & Wellness ..."
    With rise of escapism, brands need to validate consumers' experiences around stress, while providing products that empathize and motivate a betterment of one's holistic wellness. David Hamlette, Research Analyst; Health and Wellbeing ..."
    Consumers are embracing their sexual wellness more than ever, embracing the merging of sexual health and self-care. Lindsay Cameron, Analyst – Health & Wellness ..."
    The evolution of consumers' approach to wellness, coupled with brands' BFY innovation, encourages consumers to have their cake and eat it, too. Adriana Chychula, Analyst – Food, Drink & Nutrition ..."
    As definitions of healthy eating continually expand and shift, restaurants are tasked with making this generally restrictive task feel inviting and enjoyable. Varchasvi, Research Analyst ..."
    With rising costs of healthcare, overall management of health materializes through desires of proactivity, practicality, and personalization. David Hamlette – Research Analyst, Health & Wellbeing ..."
    According to our natural healthcare US market research, consumers' desire for healthier, safer ingredients is the core principle of natural health. Brands can enhance this desire by building familiarity and trust. Lindsay Cameron - Analyst, Health & Wellness ..."
    Consumers are prioritizing their health and wellbeing more than ever, leaving endless opportunities for fitness facilitators to be personal guides along the way. Diana Smith, Associate Director – Retail & eCommerce ..."
    Self-empowerment underpins VMS, from use to discovery. Brands can enhance empowerment perceptions via education and offerings that expand sense of personal choice. Adriana Chychula, Analyst – Food, Drink & Nutrition ..."
    The biggest winners will be insurers that remain innovation-driven while maintaining a customer-centric ethos to ensure long-term and value-filled relationships. Amr Hamdi, Finance Analyst ..."
    “Cannabis edibles and beverages are navigating the crossroads of consumer wellness demands and regulatory complexities. As premium and health-focused offerings surge in popularity, accurate dosing, consistent quality and education efforts become pivotal, setting the stage for brands that prioritize both innovation and consumer trust.” – Fiona O’Donnell, Senior Director – US..."