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    Digestive health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being. With upwards of 74% of adults in the U.S. experiencing digestive discomfort at least once a month, it is an issue that has a lot of space for improvement, and therefore has a lot of opportunity for brands to help these..."
    Consumers are more attuned than ever to the relationship between sleep and overall wellbeing, yet they find it challenging to adopt lasting habits. Making better sleep seem more attainable, customizable, and engaging can help routines stick. In the year of the “sleepy girl mocktail,” there’s growing interest and awareness among consumers..."
    Recent patent filings highlight the role of B vitamins in delivering multiple health benefits, and the use of novel technologies for the production of non-animal vitamin B12. Neha Srivastava, Senior Patent Analyst – Food & Drink and Beauty & Personal Care ..."

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    The tea category is expanding into new drinking occasions, solidifying its position as the drink for relaxation, while meeting consumer demand for sustainability. Tan Heng Hong, Senior Food & Drink Analyst ..."
    Future-proofed VMS optimises holistic weight management, adapts to modern lifestyles and pioneers pro-longevity and sustainable breakthroughs for health across generations. Michelle Teodoro, Global Food Science Analyst ..."
    Consumer interest in areas including eye health, skin conditions and gut health creates demand for specific VMS products which allow for custom wellness routines. Georgia Stafford, Beauty & Personal Care Analyst ..."
    Consumers are engaging with the category in new ways, but need guidance from brands. Educate and empower to validate claims and meet evolving demands. Rebecca Watters, Associate Director of Household & Health ..."
    The movement toward holistic health shows that consumers seek solutions that boost the immune system and adapt to personalized maintenance and symptom relief. David Hamlette, Research Analyst; Health and Wellbeing ..."
    Going beyond dairy nutrition can help plant-based drinks weather the ultra-processed food storm; positioning dairy cows as part of the climate solution will chime. Alice Pilkington, Senior Global Food & Drink Analyst ..."
    Millennials are emphasizing overall wellbeing by intertwining their top priority of managing their mental wellness with other aspects of physical health. Lindsay Cameron, Analyst – Health & Wellness ..."
    Recent patent filings indicate that ingestible ingredients like probiotics, collagen-promoting ingredients and botanicals may disrupt anti-ageing skincare. Neha Srivastava, Senior Patent Analyst – Food & Drink and Beauty & Personal Care ..."
    With the digitizing evolution of healthcare through telemedicine, consumers are forced to rediscover what it means to be valued and understood throughout stages of their health journey. David Hamlette, Research Analyst; Health and Wellbeing ..."
    Healthy aging is a key theme for 2024 and beyond. Heart health, weight management and hormone health are areas brands need to be paying attention to. Stephanie Mattucci, Director, Mintel Food & Drink/Purchase Intelligence ..."

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    Ingredients that deliver foods that are both healthy and sustainable remain long-term priorities, and novel technology holds potential to support their delivery. Emma Schofield, Associate Director – Global Food Science ..."
    Recent patent filings cover solutions and food ingredients that support blood glucose control, and help with the prevention, management and treatment of type 2 diabetes. Neha Srivastava, Senior Patent Analyst – Food & Drink and Beauty & Personal Care ..."
    As snacking replaces main meals, the BFY snack is critical to meeting nutritional needs. Despite a crowded market, consumers want ideas for BFY snacks that are easy, satiating, and delicious. Michele Scott, Associate Director, US Research – Food and Drink ..."