Fitness and Exercise

Fitness and Exercise

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    Consumers are prioritizing their health and wellbeing more than ever, leaving endless opportunities for fitness facilitators to be personal guides along the way. Diana Smith, Associate Director – Retail & eCommerce ..."
     “The extended length of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced consumers to adapt to at-home exercise, permanently altering how consumers view the fitness landscape. With exercisers confined to their homes, fitness brands rapidly updated their digital offerings to respond to consumers’ changing expectations. Because consumers now have a vastly expanded array..."
    MULO sales of sports, nutrition and performance drinks have steadily recovered. However, factors that likely contributed to those losses continue to put pressure on the market. Increased competition from functional beverages in other categories, along with mounting distaste for artificial ingredients, are obstacles to major growth. Cleaner formulations, enhanced functionality,..."
    "Both revenue and memberships in the health and fitness club industry continue on a steady incline. A shift in recent years shows that memberships are increasing at a faster rate than number of clubs. Working out at home and enhanced home fitness equipment are obstacles for the market. Opportunities include..."