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    With the digitizing evolution of healthcare through telemedicine, consumers are forced to rediscover what it means to be valued and understood throughout stages of their health journey. David Hamlette, Research Analyst; Health and Wellbeing ..."
    Fast and prolonged pain relief remain top purchase drivers and inspire NPD. Wellness themes can evolve and there is room for more targeted/personalised innovation. Dionne Officer, Research Analyst – BPC Innovation ..."
    According to our natural healthcare US market research, consumers' desire for healthier, safer ingredients is the core principle of natural health. Brands can enhance this desire by building familiarity and trust. Lindsay Cameron - Analyst, Health & Wellness ..."
    The biggest winners will be insurers that remain innovation-driven while maintaining a customer-centric ethos to ensure long-term and value-filled relationships. Amr Hamdi, Finance Analyst ..."
    “The vast majority of consumers deal with pain on a regular basis, and often turn to familiar OTC products. Pain is a constant that is not slated to decline. To meet diverse consumers in their quest to address pain symptoms, while also improving overall wellness, it will be crucial to..."
    “First aid products are essential purchases with potentially lengthy purchase cycles. Consumer interest in the category centers on its functional nature – they simply need these products when minor injuries occur. Short-term market gains in 2020 have given way to a market that will see slower growth in 2023 and..."
    “Consumers have faced increased exposure to common illness over the past year, as influenza, COVID-19 and RSV converged, creating a tridemic. Nearly one quarter of consumers experienced more frequent common illness than last year despite taking preventative measures, such as using immune-boosting supplements. Because many symptoms of common illness overlap,..."
    “Consumers continue to experience skin issues as a physical manifestation of both lifestyle choices, such as poor diet and lack of sleep, as well as elevated levels of stress and anxiety. While consumers have adopted a more preventative strategy to managing their overall health, this shift has been slower in..."
    Efficacy in relieving pain/ailments is key in OTC remedies, but brands can add value by also meeting demand for more natural and wellness-focused products. Dionne Officer, Research Analyst – BPC Innovation ..."
    “Most consumers regard the healthcare system as at least somewhat trustworthy, giving healthcare and insurance providers the opportunity to re-examine the way they connect with patients. Despite digital advances in healthcare, consumers still want a traditional healthcare experience that provides comprehensive health so that they feel empowered and in control..."
    “The majority of adult consumers experience some degree of regular pain. As life turns to the “next normal” and normal levels of activity resume, consumers are increasingly exposed to practices that increase the risk of pain instance. Following the overall shift toward preventative care, consumers are looking for solutions that..."

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    “As Medicare has adapted to a global health crisis and hurtles toward an uncertain future with trust fund depletion approaching, beneficiary attitudes have responded in kind, with mixed attitudes toward the present and future of the system characterizing a state of flux. Medicare Advantage plans continue to gain popularity while ..."
    “The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way that consumers approach managing common illness. While consumers still rely on traditional OTC cough, cold, and flu remedies to treat symptoms of common illness, they have also begun to look for immune-boosting ingredients in an effort to prevent future illness. As consumers return to ..."
    “The health management landscape in Canada is shifting. The pandemic has caused Canadians to look inward and really re-examine their approach to personal health management, and many have emerged from the lockdowns with a more encompassing view of personal wellbeing. While the COVID-19 pandemic obviously brought avoiding illness to the ..."
    “The lifestyle shifts and health concerns brought on by the pandemic had a varied impact on skin condition routines and product usage. While certain segments were challenged by limited time spent outside of the home, greater focus on physical skin health and mental health, as well as heightened personal hygiene..."
     “Personal health is more important than ever before for consumers, but how they approach managing their health is evolving as consumers encounter new health concerns and goals. Adults are taking their learnings from the previous year and applying them to how they care for their health now, with a strong ..."