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    The majority (78%) of consumers believe that it’s worth investing in high-quality items that will endure over time, underscoring the value of longevity in cookware purchases. Consumers generally recognize the value of quality and are willing to invest in cookware that will serve them in the long run rather than..."
    The US home laundry market is navigating a complex terrain of fluctuating sales projections and a discernible shift in consumer behavior, particularly among younger demographics. Anticipated to face a short-term sales decline of 9% in 2024 before rebounding to a promising 5.1% growth rate from 2023-28, the market’s vitality hinges..."
    Flooring market growth is tepid, owing in part to a slow housing market and a consumer base that’s still reeling from high inflation. Despite a robust labor market, consumers are scrutinizing large home improvement expenditures. Extended periods of economizing behavior, such as we’ve seen over the past three years, are..."
    Despite the category's discretionary nature, seasonal changes and the emotional benefits outdoor spaces can provide are avenues to drive engagement, and sales. Marisa Ortega, Retail & eCommerce Analyst ..."
    The pest control category remains stable with a need for innovation. Brands must focus on education and effectiveness to raise demand for preventative products. Lindsay Cameron, Analyst – Health & Wellness ..."
    Canadians are looking for ways to streamline their cleaning routines with convenient tools that offer versatility, sustainability and value. Meghan Ross, Senior Research Analyst – Home & Beauty ..."
    Lawn and gardening has sustained its momentum from the pandemic. Alleviating maintenance time and considering age-specific needs will be key. Lindsay Cameron, Analyst – Health & Wellness ..."
    Cost of living pressures have consumers seeking value, but efficacy, scent and convenience continue to be prioritized for Canadian laundry routines. Meghan Ross, Senior Research Analyst – Home & Beauty ..."
    Hygiene products will benefit from rejuvenation to maintain usage, while 'green' claims and technology will influence how brands market and develop new products. Arpita Sharma, Global Household Analyst ..."
    Packaging is getting smarter, more specialized and more sustainable. Consumers expect brands to take responsibility for the environmental impact their products. Jamie Rosenberg, Associate Director, Global Household and Personal Care ..."
    While cleaning habits have changed little in the past two years, consumers' growing curiosity about the category will serve as an opportunity for growth. Rebecca Watters, Associate Director of Household & Health ..."

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    Financial concerns inevitably impact pet owners, yet there is still headroom for premiumisation. Gut health and retail aspirations evolve in line with human trends. Kate Vlietstra, Director, Mintel Food & Drink ..."
    As consumers become more frugal, home improvement stakeholders need to better demonstrate the return on investment. Jamie Rosenberg, Associate Director, Global Household and Personal Care ..."
    The market is feeling the impact of inflation and economic uncertainty, but its essential and functional nature keeps it afloat. Rebecca Watters, Associate Director of Household & Health ..."
    Americans remain dedicated to ensuring their pets wellbeing, even in the face of rising prices, prioritizing mental health, wellness and shared experiences. Fiona O'Donnell, Senior Director – Lifestyles, Culture & Identity, Multicultural, Travel & Leisure ..."
    Inflation has forced consumers to trade down, but the market is on the cusp of an innovation renaissance for improved convenience, economy and sustainability. Jamie Rosenberg, Associate Director, Global Household and Personal Care ..."