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    “The impact of inflation on the major household appliance market is both profound and complex. Many low-income consumers are delaying upgrades, but for 54% of buyers, breakdowns are the biggest purchase driver. When that happens, demand is relatively inelastic. When we add the impact of mid- to upper-income consumers who..."
    “While nearly all consumers prioritize major household appliances’ functionality over design, that does not mean that aesthetics are unimportant. Spending more time at home due to the pandemic means that Canadians have placed newfound importance in upgrading their homes. Major household appliance retailers and manufacturers must continue to both replenish..."
    “The pandemic provided the impetus for Americans to use their home differently, which has in turn created new perspective for what is important when purchasing a major household appliance. Buying an appliance is more than a purchase based on a need. Stylish designs, smart functionality, health/wellness, sustainability and efficacy are ..."
    “The COVID-19 pandemic afforded small kitchen appliance brands across the board an unparalleled opportunity to prove their worth as consumers’ time at home led to increased cooking and willingness to invest in their spaces. Yet these levels of elevated engagement are not permanent, especially amid cooking fatigue and as consumers..."
    “Long purchase cycles and a lack of storage space will create barriers for growth in the market. However, the increased amount of home cooking Canadians have undertaken as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic will help to support the category going forward. Some reluctant chefs will be seeking ways to..."
    “The pandemic has led to an explosion of new home behaviors, including how consumers view, use and shop for major household appliances. A culmination of factors in 2020 led to heavier appliance usage for the year, yet these levels won’t be sustained as consumers start to spend more time outside..."