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    As consumers become more frugal, home improvement stakeholders need to better demonstrate the return on investment. Jamie Rosenberg, Associate Director, Global Household and Personal Care ..."
    “Economic realities are causing consumers to reassess their home improvement plans to determine the best way forward. While many are making concessions, like reducing the scope or delaying a project, the fact remains that home improvements remain an item on to-do lists for the majority of Canadians. In addition to..."
    “The pandemic increased the importance of home and broadened its function to take the place of the office, school and gym. That in turn drove a wave of home improvement work over the past two years. Yet as the pandemic becomes an endemic, Mintel expects the market to remain robust...."
    “Effective engagement with consumers, especially in an uncertain economic climate, will hinge on capitalizing on shifts in behavior from the pandemic, including their investment in home spaces and use of online channels, social media and influencers. Challenges lie in rising costs, which may demand suppliers emphasize high value and affordability..."
    “The pandemic economy has produced distinct winners and losers. The home renovation industry is decidedly in the winner column. While many professional projects came to a halt when COVID-19 hit, DIY projects surged. The flexibility of remote work, combined with the fact that people now require their homes to function..."
    “The pandemic has positively impacted the DIY home improvement category as consumers took on more projects. The connection to the home has strengthened and consumers continue to look for ways to improve their spaces. However, the category will be challenged moving forward due to current economic conditions. Brands and retailers ..."
    “As homes are forced to act as a central hub for Canadians during the pandemic, demands placed on them are higher than ever. The additional free time afforded by business closures and cancelled social outings is allowing some Canadians to dust off their to-do lists to tackle home projects. New..."
        “The residential flooring market’s historically strong growth is expected to falter as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and its subsequent recession. Bottlenecks in the supply chain and weakening demand in the face of financial uncertainty will likely cause sales to plummet over the next two to three years...."
    "The DIY (do-it-yourself) home renovation sector is big business, set to garner $357 billion in 2019. Growth is predicted through 2024, but the pace of this growth will decelerate this year and next before picking up again. Prospects for continued development look good as Millennials (and some of Generation Z)..."
    "Perhaps a ramification of overconsumption in America is a new obsession with streamlining and “detoxing” every aspect of life, including the home, creating ample opportunities for the home storage and organization industry. Organizing the home is no longer a seasonal activity and retailers have a unique opportunity to increase participation..."
    "The mature grill market is challenged by high penetration, long purchase cycles and low intent to purchase. While the flavor, convenience and social aspect of grilling still remain key themes that will capture consumers attention, the power of influencers and social media continues to grow, bringing new engagement opportunities for..."