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    Despite the category's discretionary nature, seasonal changes and the emotional benefits outdoor spaces can provide are avenues to drive engagement, and sales. Marisa Ortega, Retail & eCommerce Analyst ..."
    “The past few years have prompted consumers to focus on re-examining their home space. For many, the home is an extension of self, and consumers seek home linens that complement their unique personalities. However, consumers expect their home linens to provide health and beauty benefits in addition to being aesthetically..."
    “Consumers are coming to recognize sleep’s contribution to overall health and the direct relationship between quality sleep and other areas of holistic health. However, high penetration and long purchase cycles continue to challenge category players in growing the market, especially as budget-conscious consumers delay purchases until the economy stabilizes. Mattress..."
    “The pandemic has stimulated a re-assessment of living spaces and interior décor within consumers’ homes. One of the effects of COVID-19 has been influencing decisions on where to live. In combination with those seeking or having performed renovations, furniture sales will follow suit. Although dependence on online shopping during the..."
    “COVID-19 and the subsequent economic downturn created some challenges and changes in the tableware industry. Early store closures and restrictions put a limit on in-store shopping occasions and financial concerns incited caution for discretionary spending. At the same time, extended periods at home strengthened desire to improve spaces and invest..."
    “The online furniture market will continue to see positive sales, albeit at a slower pace than expected due to COVID-19. Sales of home office furniture will spike as many consumers shift to working from home. As unemployment rises and the housing market slows down, many larger furniture purchases will be..."

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    "Mattress sales are growing gradually as innovations in both retailing practices and products continue to drive interest across the market. While sales are limited by the high penetration and long lifespan of products within the category, consumers’ desire to pursue high-quality sleep as a form of health management leads them..."
    "The mature grill market is challenged by high penetration, long purchase cycles and low intent to purchase. While the flavor, convenience and social aspect of grilling still remain key themes that will capture consumers attention, the power of influencers and social media continues to grow, bringing new engagement opportunities for..."