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    “Golf’s popularity had been in decline in the US for the first two decades of the millennium – then came the pandemic and participation spiked. Golf continues to enjoy renewed interest and a broad shift in consumer perceptions. However, continued growth in course play will be challenged by the hectic..."
    “Sponsorships have consistently played a key role in the business of auto racing. Boosted by strong response to Netflix’s Formula 1: Drive to Survive docuseries, auto racing has attracted attention from a new wave of racing fans, giving companies and brands new opportunities to engage with an emerging fan base...."
    “Live sporting events play an important role in developing and cultivating fan interest. Excitement, value and fan engagement are core elements of live sports. Through enhanced technologies like AR and by accommodating diverse fan interests as well as emphasis on flexibility, accessibility and memorable experiences, providers can achieve continued long-term..."
    “Women’s sports are an important and growing segment of today’s sports industry. Women’s sports fans are among the most passionate, yet are an underestimated and overlooked element of modern sports fans. Emerging from the 50th Anniversary of Title IX, women’s sports are set to achieve the next level of success..."

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    “Football continues to dominate the American sport landscape and is among one of the last appointment-viewing broadcasts. Brands pay a premium to be attached to the emotions surrounding the sport, leagues, teams and players. NIL deals within college football have also provided opportunities for local and regional businesses to enhance..."
    “With more sports to play and more ways to follow, youth sports are coming out of the pandemic with a strong growth potential. Teens are connected to their teams, athletes and brands in deeper ways than ever before. They are eager to return to play, but the field-of-play has evolved.”<br ..."
    “Modern sports fandom is evolving rapidly. Fans have been empowered by digital innovations and now have control over where, when and how they consume sports content. The result is an industry full of opportunities, but also threats for the current leaders that will be forced to adapt to keep up ..."
    “US spending on sports merchandise accounts for nearly a quarter of the entire global market. Sports fandom is pervasive and the US hosts a majority of the world’s top sports leagues, making it ripe for merchandising. Purchasing appears poised to remain strong going forward while the industry struggles to meet ..."
    “The pandemic took an industry on the decline and launched it to record breaking growth. Brands and retailers are setting new revenue records and looking to expand with new locations and offerings, such as new immersive in-store experiences and improved cross-channel shopping options, to capitalize on the new demand. While ..."
    “Sports sponsorship opportunities remain in high demand from brands and advertisers. Sports fans present a massive audience of deeply engaged consumers, well suited for brand integration and marketing. Sports sponsorships will continue to utilize star players, ethical and charitable components and reach fans across a variety of mediums in the ..."
    “Fighting sports have several reasons for optimism. Its fandom appeals strongly to certain demographics often sought out by brands – namely Gen Z and multicultural consumers. Boxing and MMA are growing and create destination events for fans. Combat sports are open to new types of partnerships and sponsorships across a..."
    “Sports remain a powerful unifying force, capable of bringing people of all different types of backgrounds together to feel part of the same community. Sports fans are a devoted and engaged audience, well suited for brand integration and marketing. Looking ahead, the future of fandom remains bright as sports continue..."
    "Hockey is at a bit of a crossroads. While considered one of the four major US sports, it faces far greater competition for fourth place than it gives for third. Looking ahead, the sport can focus on growing its fan base by driving interest among new target audiences such as..."
     “Out of any US sport, basketball may have the strongest reasons for optimism. The sport now trails only football in overall fan following, having surpassed baseball for second place. It has a strong following among younger generations, with more Gen Z fans following basketball than any other sport. Along with..."
    “The cultural significance of sports was highlighted by its role as a barometer of the COVID-19 pandemic. League cancellations underscored the initial shock of March 2020, return-to-play bubbles illustrated ways to live amid the pandemic and the gradual return of fans to buildings has been a symbolic step towards the..."
    “Golf, tennis and auto racing may not be the top sports in the US, but they all nonetheless command significant consumer and brand attention. While COVID-19 wreaked havoc across the sports world, the other major sports all experienced reasons for optimism since the onset of the pandemic. Increases in consumer..."