later life and retirement

Later Life and Retirement

Mintel’s Later Life and Retirement market research combines the latest consumer and market intelligence, industry insights and expert recommendations to provide detailed data and analysis on senior lifestyles, so you know exactly what your audience is interested in.

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    “Understanding seniors’ priorities is key to connecting with this cohort of consumers. Results show that their top priorities include health, family, and independence. Knowing this, brands can confidently provide products and services that address these desires. For many brands, digital solutions may come to mind. While there is a stereotype..."
    “Parents look forward to becoming empty nesters, but their identity as a parent still remains intact. They desire to maintain their strong connection with their children and are still there to provide any kind of support their children need. Beyond their children, they look for community and connection with their..."
    “Seniors are a relatively happy and unstressed cohort of the US population. They prioritize family, health and independence to maintain their quality of life. During 2020, COVID-19 has challenged seniors in all these areas which have forced them to change their behaviors and has made it difficult for them to..."