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    Marketing to Hispanic moms goes beyond traditional parenting themes. They seek support in family management and self-care that require a nuanced approach. Stefanie Kundakjian, Research Analyst ..."
    Marketing to moms must expand beyond themes of child rearing. Moms want support across a wider range of needs, including life management and self-care. Fiona O'Donnell, Senior Director – Lifestyles, Culture & Identity, Multicultural, Travel & Leisure ..."
    Families haven’t been dissuaded from traveling despite elevated prices. Yet, they still need help from brands to streamline planning and create itineraries for all. Mike Gallinari, Travel & Leisure Analyst ..."
    “Asian moms may seem to have it all: they are on average more affluent, more educated and more likely to be living with a spouse than other moms. At the same time, they are also the most likely to admit they feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being a parent...."
    “Who doesn’t want to make their children happy? Parents across the nation are willing to spend what it takes. Between tech for school, tech for fun and a list of on-demand video content subscriptions, parents are shelling out dollars on their kids’ tech and digital media needs. Families (and consumers..."
    “College spending comprises two thirds of the total back to school market, driven by extensive needs for school. Overall, students are enthusiastic consumers who are eager to assert their independence, making the season a critical time for brands to build affinity with young consumers. Value will be a necessity amidst..."
    “Back to school season is an essential shopping occasion for families and one that sets the tone for the rest of the year in retail. In recent years, the shopping cycle has been disrupted as families navigate the stress of the pandemic, supply shortages and now inflation. Rising prices dominated..."
    “Hispanic moms are striving to balance their careers and their caregiving responsibilities, but oftentimes this means putting the needs of others before their own to the point of burnout. Brands are uniquely positioned to meet this segment’s specific needs that will allow mothers to replenish themselves both physically and mentally..."
    “Parents are active and engaged online shoppers, turning to the convenience of ecommerce to save time and simplify their responsibilities. In the short term, parents are prioritizing value and savings amid inflationary pressures, driving value-seeking behaviors. Looking ahead, digital-native parents will be an important key demographic; they will look to..."
    “Most moms put the needs of others before their own. This presents opportunities for brands to encourage moms to take moments for themselves and practice self-care so they can be at their best for their families. More can be done to encourage dads to take on a greater share of..."
    “Black moms are dynamic in how they choose to present themselves. They are focused on ensuring their children have everything they need and are set up to succeed, yet moms don’t lose sight of the person they are outside of motherhood. Managing pregnancy, identity, and even technology, Black moms have..."
    “The initial surge of school-related purchases in the spring of 2020 has continued to impact how consumers shop as well as what they buy, even two years later. The extended uncertainty around whether students will be learning in classrooms or from home has forced students to be prepared for either..."
    “Back to school shopping saw a new boom in 2021, as students were excited to head back to the classroom and parents fulfilled purchases put off in the prior year. The ongoing pandemic continues to impact how consumers shop for school and what they buy, reemphasizing a need for value,..."
    “While moms as individuals vary considerably in their interests and approaches to parenting, as a collective, moms are generally satisfied with motherhood and take pride in their children. The pandemic has been particularly challenging for moms, who saw their household workloads increase significantly. Additional cooking, cleaning and childcare contributed to..."
    “Digital technology plays a very important role within families. The pandemic has heightened its value, but only because it was already a foundational piece for parents and children. Not only does it support productivity and communication, but digital tech also facilitates time spent together watching TV shows, movies and online..."
     “Becoming a parent for the first time is a joyful and amazing experience, but it also marks a sudden and distinct change in lifestyle for new parents. The majority of First Time Parents feel the shift to new parenthood is more challenging than they anticipated and one they were not..."