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    “US consumers are focusing on value, but they are still looking to influencers for ways to most efficiently spend their money. Consumers are taking beauty influencers’ recommendations, but they’ve become accustomed to free content. As brands continue to work with beauty influencers – and influencers continue demanding to be paid..."
    “Social media influencers are a powerful marketing asset. An endless cycle of ambitious untapped talent is available as more creators share their lives on social media and look to build a following. New tech tools to enhance content along with brands’ marketing investment has helped influencers to maintain followers’ interest..."
    “The beauty industry as a whole has weathered the COVID-19 storm, and beauty influencers welcomed new audiences. Previously a young (wo)man’s game, the expanding reach of influencers in the space leaves room for creators that appeal to a more diverse array of users, including men, consumers age 45+ and Black ..."
    "COVID-19 has accelerated the divide of the social media landscape. With consumers spending more time at home and online, engagement across social media platforms has increased and the role of beauty influencers has never been stronger. However, the highly sensitized events over the past year has seen more influencer and..."
    “Influencers are a ‘friend in the head’ for multicultural young adults who see them as more trustworthy than traditional advertisers because they are authentic people who are willing to be transparent with their thoughts on society, expose them to trends and recommend products and services.”– Toya Mitchell – Senior..."
    "As the influencer market matures, brands have taken them more seriously as a tool for promotion and collaboration. Trust and authenticity go a long way in establishing relationships between influencers and followers, and brands need to take their time to find the right influencer to disseminate their messages. There’s still..."