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Grocery Retail

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    Stop and taste the samples. Perimeter shopping is all about sensory experiences that can’t be replicated with ecommerce – but online tools can strengthen it all. Adriana Chychula, Analyst – Food, Drink & Nutrition ..."
    This industry is stable and growing, yet experiencing significant change too. Inflation, demographic trends and competitive pressures are evolving the landscape. Scott Stewart, Associate Director, Lifestyles & Retail ..."
    “The grocery landscape is still in the midst of an evolution after the pandemic accelerated ecommerce and omnichannel shopping routines. Currently, savings are top of mind amid inflationary pressures and consumers are adapting by shifting toward more budget-conscious behaviors. In the longer term, consumers will be eager for a shopping..."
    “While inflationary pricing has most consumers prioritizing cost savings, Black consumers will be especially strong targets for value messaging. However, value will be better received as ‘getting more for your money,’ including help with health goals, making shoppers feel seen and understood, and providing an enjoyable and engaging shopping experience,..."
    “Hispanic consumers share much in common with American grocery shoppers overall, but there are differences that should be considered. Practically speaking, Hispanic Americans will continue to represent a greater share of the US population and are substantially younger. In it of itself, these differences make a compelling case for retailers..."
    “Asian Americans are a growing cohort of typically wealthy and engaged grocery shoppers with the majority shopping at least once a week and enjoying the task. Gains will be had by increasing avenues to meet their needs. Specifically, a large number feel they must make multiple stops to find everything..."
    “Grocery retailing is evolving; inflation is causing consumers to change behaviours, online channels offer new ways of shopping and competition is tightening.Yet, the fundamentals of the industry are consistent. Value, quality, convenience and in-person shopping remain paramount. For as dynamic as this industry can be, consumers ultimately want consistency..."
    “Natural and organic brands’ uphill battle in justifying their products’ prices has only gotten steeper as inflation’s record grip heightens sensitivity to sticker shock and scrutiny toward all products’ value. Walking the walk has never been more important for natural and organic brands’ survival; done well, they can position themselves..."
    “After two years, COVID-19 continues to have an impact on the grocery sector. The combined pressures of supply shortages and inflation drive up prices, prompting consumers to prioritize value. Pandemic behaviors give way to new norms, as omnichannel shopping becomes commonplace. Additionally, the strides made in technology enable grocers to ..."
    “Grocery retailing has arguably already entered its post-pandemic state. It experienced rapid change in the early months – with sales spikes, widespread shortages and concerns about virus transmission – but quickly settled into its new normal. Today, most Canadians are comfortable going to the grocery store and little will change..."
    “The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant and widespread impact on the grocery sector; accelerating ecommerce growth by years and causing people to change their grocery shopping routines in a more mindful way as they look to be efficient with their time spent in stores and frugal with their grocery budgets...."
    “It is so cliché to use the word unprecedented in 2020, but this truly is an unprecedented time for the grocery sector right now as significant changes are seen in consumer approach to grocery shopping. Before the pandemic, grocery shopping was all about routines and habits, with behaviours practically entrenched..."
    "While convenience is important, grocery shopping is also a sport for most Black consumers, who are engaged in finding the best deals at the best stores. Shopper segments are based on their attitudes on convenience and further distinguished by how they balance product value between trusted brand names and price...."
    "When shopping for groceries, Hispanics follow a different path compared to the average US consumer. Hispanics’ search for value means they shop at a variety of stores, and traditional supermarkets lose out to mass merchandisers. Convenience and quality are top motivators for choice of retailer, but compared to the average,..."