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Online Grocery

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    “While shoppers remain conservative in food and drink spend amid inflationary pricing and economic uncertainty, new product trial is seen. The online grocery space provides fertile ground for product discovery, given its standing as a relatively new frontier itself. A larger share of shoppers agrees they’re more likely to try..."
    “Rapid adoption of grocery ecommerce amid the pandemic required retailers to move quickly in an evolving digital landscape. Consumers are continuing to adapt to life amid COVID-19, as convenience and value overtake pandemic concerns as drivers for online shopping. In the years ahead, ecommerce will grow to comprise a higher ..."
    “While some new online grocery shoppers will revert back to stores, conversion will stick for many as in-store safety concerns linger and newfound purchase habits become routines. Leading retailers will continue to invest more in infrastructure improvements including tools and technology, fulfillment space and personnel, and this will give consumers..."