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    “Economic uncertainty is a prime time for packaging to shine. Beverage packaging provides a platform for brands to communicate product benefits and introduce enticing excitement to the shopping experience. As consumers balance their desires for fiscal and environmental sustainability, they’ll look for brands to assure them they’re making smart choices.”-..."
    “Economic anxieties have risen following record inflation, increasing consumer demand for packaging sizes that provide the best value. While value is a top-of-mind concern, brands must also respond to consumers’ interest in sustainability. On-pack claims and text can educate consumers on sustainability topics and help consumers make informed, environmentally friendly ..."
    “Packaging can play an integral role in addressing consumers’ beverage needs in a post-pandemic America. The rise of remote work coupled with a recovering economy suggests growing consumer interest in large pack sizes, while brands must also promote small pack sizes to financially stressed consumers and consumers within smaller HHs...."
    “Packaging is one of the most critical components of cannabis products, requiring a balance between what consumers want and what regulations demand. Packaging bridges the gap between consumers and brands, helping both sides express their identities in ways that extend far beyond cannabis. Aesthetic appeals should complement practical design elements,..."
    “Homecare packaging is on the cusp of a renaissance. New materials and designs are driving improved ecommerce through lighter weight and more secure packaging, while simultaneously reducing the category’s environmental impact through reduced carbon footprints and easier recycling. While consumers have historically paid little mind to homecare packaging, there is..."