Seasonal Holidays

Seasonal Holidays

Mintel’s Seasonal Holidays market research combines the latest consumer intelligence, industry insights and expert recommendations to help you understand the latest trends and consumer behavior in the seasonal retail industry.

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    “A budget-focused mindset will again dominate in 2023 as consumers rebound from economic pressures. Savvy shoppers will shift more effortlessly across channels and formats to seek the best deals and get their shopping done as efficiently and affordably as possible. There is light at the end of the tunnel after..."
    “Non-winter holidays are just as meaningful, if not more than they were prior to the pandemic. Consumers look forward to celebrating these joyous occasions and connecting with others. However, rising costs and supply chain issues are getting in the way. Brands must focus on providing value in various forms to..."
    “Value-seeking behaviors will predominate in the 2022 winter holiday season, as inflation leads consumers to prioritize lower prices and other forms of value. The season will continue to stretch earlier and longer as consumers embrace new habits and a planned approach to their shopping. In spite of challenges, consumers are ..."
    "Holiday celebrations are built on tradition, making it a very stable industry for stakeholders; its cyclical nature of consumer expenditure makes it highly predictable. The importance of nostalgia at the holidays means that consumers want to be consistent and repetitive – while it also creates opportunities for companies that leverage..."
    “Consumers are reverting to old routines with a renewed excitement for and appreciation around non-winter holidays. These occasions will continue to be important for consumers across generations and backgrounds, with an increased focus on shared moments and values. Moving forward, brands and retailers can look to connect with consumers through..."
    “The 2021 winter holiday shopping season will be marked by a robust return to in-store shopping and in-store experiential retailing as consumers’ concerns about the pandemic ease and they cautiously branch out more. Still, even as consumers resume old shopping habits, they won’t abandon newly formed behaviors, ensuring that online..."