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    “The economic sentiment for most of last year was that the US was headed towards a downturn, as inflation ran rampant in tandem with quickly rising interest rates. Over a year from when prices peaked at a more than 40-year high, however, the US economy has continued to defy the..."
    “PC gaming today is the best it’s ever been. PC gaming drives esports and is a major part of streamer culture’s broad appeal. PC players are heavily invested in keeping their gaming rigs up-to-date with newer and better components, and they’re a highly brand loyal demographic.” – Brian Benway, Gaming and..."
    “Gaming is already an entertainment industry juggernaut, and gaming-inspired entertainment serves to further reinforce that appeal for fans. Film production studios need to be mindful of fans’ expectations, but those fans will happily ignore negative critics to go see their favorite characters on the big screen.” – Brian Benway, Gaming and..."
    “Spending on audio devices experienced significant growth but faces headwinds. Pandemic lifestyle disruption and economic stimulus drove demand as consumers rushed to upgrade their home living spaces to enjoy at-home entertainment. Now, facing slack from the pulled-forward demand, rising prices and a possible economic slowdown, brands will have to differentiate..."
    “The power of fandom that propelled Pikachu to superstardom is a force all video game brands should look to capture. As the internet evolves into Web 3.0, new opportunities and channels for merchandising are sure to emerge; successful brands are already making moves to ensure they will be ready in ..."
    “Amidst a struggling industry, nimble and innovative operators are disrupting traditional foodservice models, adding automation and new operating formats as well as online engagement strategies to continue reaching consumers. Many of these efforts are responses to labor and supply chain issues and pandemic-influenced consumer patterns, but will become necessary investments..."
    “The pandemic has created new and increased needs for electronics in consumers’ lives. Moving forward, consumers’ relationship with electronics will only become more interconnected – leading to sustained category growth in the years ahead. Even as COVID-19 becomes less of a threat, online channels will continue to play a key..."
    “Despite COVID-19 putting a dent in consumers’ finances and morale, many still remain hopeful on their financial situation going forward. A recovering US economy, rallied by the availability of a vaccine, has instilled optimism in many consumers during tumultuous times. In spite of that, how well this recovery can be..."
    “Gaming is firmly in the spotlight of mainstream pop culture, which will help continue a streak of strong video game sales into the near future. Video game purchasers don’t really care where they buy a game as long as they are able to get the game they want for a..."
    “The spotlight on gaming has never been brighter and it will continue to shine throughout 2021. While lifestyles have changed due to COVID-19, gamers’ core motivations for playing have remained relatively the same. Most gamers look to video games to unwind and take a break from daily stresses; playing to..."
    “Prior to COVID-19, the ecommerce ecosystem was continuing its ongoing evolution. This included incorporating the latest technologies and platforms that streamlined the shopping process for consumers – including the continued adoption of social commerce capabilities. In light of the pandemic, these efforts have been accelerated as consumers’ shopping behaviors shift..."
    “The strong bond Americans have to television has strengthened the TV market despite the pandemic and should support it even through the recession. TV brands should be taking steps to ensure their products reflect consumer attitudes that the television set isn’t just an electronic device or piece of furniture, but..."
    “Technology has enabled consumers to bridge the physical distance imposed by COVID-19. It will undoubtedly accelerate the use and reliance on digital services and consumer electronics, and lead to new innovations.”– Buddy Lo, Sr. Technology and Consumer Electronics AnalystThis Report will cover the following areas:Impact of COVID-19..."
    "Gaming influencers have been a beacon of joy for passionate players seeking community and digital connection amidst the physical isolation of COVID-19. As more people spend time indoors, the video game community has banded together and congregated around gaming content. Established players have had more time to watch all the..."
    "From older casual gamers playing simple card games on their home computers to younger gamers investing in dedicated gaming hardware, the PC gaming audience encompasses a vast array of interests. A lack of brand loyalty, coupled with a desire to optimize the gaming experience, makes PC gamers an important audience..."
    "Personal audio is one of the most important accessories in the broader tech market. While central devices like smartphones, tablets and personal computers drive the overall industry, personal audio products are needed to access the growing demand for content – whether it is music, movies, video games or any other..."