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    “Internet is an essential service that’s integral to the lives of nearly all Canadians. COVID-19 had highlighted the importance of affordable access to unlimited home internet, a service that most consumers report is crucial to maintaining their lifestyle. In recent years, the government has made great strides towards its goal..."
    “Speed and reliability are the key factors consumers look for in home internet service. Price is important and more engaged consumers will work the system to create value themselves. Meanwhile, as traditional mobile wireless makes a stronger push into the market, and as home internet providers increasingly offer mobile phone..."
    “Home internet is now a necessity for Canadian households. Its importance has created a very stable industry, and most customers are happy with their service. However, that stability comes with low consumer engagement and a static market. Stakeholders will need to focus on targeted opportunities for growth, like rural Canada..."
    “Though it remains a top concern for parents, the pandemic has resulted in an abundance of screen time for kids. The popularity of YouTube and video games means brands have opportunities to reach kids with strategic ad placements and partnerships. Parents may not be aware of potential threats to their ..."
     “Home internet is among the most important services for US consumers, and access to high-speed reliable home internet has been put front and center due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Internet access is considered such a necessity there are calls to classify broadband access as a utility. Demand for..."
    "As the influencer market matures, brands have taken them more seriously as a tool for promotion and collaboration. Trust and authenticity go a long way in establishing relationships between influencers and followers, and brands need to take their time to find the right influencer to disseminate their messages. There’s still..."
    "Technology is rapidly advancing and changing society as we know it. Technology has had a tremendous impact on the way people work, socialize and get entertainment, and in myriad other ways as well. This increased adoption of technology into everyday life has molded attitudes toward technology; the majority of consumers..."
    "As Canadians move away from traditional pay TV like cable/satellite and towards video streaming services, competition is ramping up in this arena providing more choice than ever. Cost savings is top of mind among consumers when it comes to bundling, and thus will come to be expected. An expansion in..."
    "Although they represent a small share of the population and spending power, teens continue to dictate where the US market is going and how it will look in the future. Parents still have a significant amount of power over teens and their choices, but teens are asserting their independence now..."
    "Although the Asian American population is small, it is incredibly influential to the development of emerging tech trends in the US. A mobile-first strategy and smart home integration will be important to reaching this tech-savvy group as they look to connect to their domestic and international interests through the adoption..."
    "Consumers have accepted the vital role that technology plays in their daily lives. Media preferences dictate how new technology is used and where people spend most of their time online. New software will likely focus on speed and reliability rather than “wow” factor to sustain long-term engagement."- John Poelking,..."