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    Mobile gaming presents great opportunities, but new regulations and tough competition require knowledge of the latest trends and strategies to ensure success. Brian Benway, Research Analyst, Gaming and Entertainment ..."
    “Despite some monumental developments in the tech space over the past few years, like the widespread adoption of 5G and exciting developments in the AR/VR space, there really hasn’t been much disruption in the smartphone space. The “Big 3” still dominate market share under their brand umbrellas that include flanker..."
    “US adults are increasingly reliant on their smartphones, making the devices a necessity. Consumer dependence helps to buffer the category from steep losses amid consumer cost-cutting; however, shoppers are making cost-savings choices that suggest an openness to varying functionality and brands that help them rein in their tech spend.” – Fiona..."
    “Mobile retailing is growing rapidly and already makes up a significant portion of total ecommerce sales. Consumers are more comfortable not only browsing and researching on their mobile devices but also making a large quantity of purchases on smartphones and tablets. The coming years will see continued improvements in 5G..."
    “Mobile gaming is for everyone, it’s always on hand and provides entertainment for the widest audience of gamers. Advertising and monetization strategies are changing, but it looks like the mobile gaming industry is moving in a positive direction for consumers and brands.” – Brian Benway, Gaming and Entertainment Analyst This Report..."
    “In many respects, the market for smartphones and wearables is positive. Consumer interest in the category is strong and barely dampened by the pandemic. Meanwhile, the mainstreaming of 5G should eventually encourage smartphone upgrades. However, an uncertain economy could stunt growth. Smartphone upgrades may be delayed and purchase of wearables, ..."
    “This is the time for mobile gaming brands to take calculated, creative risks. New and established gaming brands alike are entering the mobile space, and they’re bringing their resources and creativity with them. Today’s mobile games embrace the full range, from simple puzzles to fully developed media experiences that rival..."
    “Mobile gaming may not be the quintessential video game experience in the same way that Nintendo or PlayStation are – but it represents a billion-dollar category that is used by half of the adult population in Canada. And that broad appeal makes it a particularly useful tool for advertisers to..."
    “COVID-19 has permanently changed a number of consumer behaviors, and its effect on payments is no exception. Younger generations are significantly more open to mobile payments, regardless of the timing, but issuers and payment providers will have a tough road to convince older adults to adopt this technology. Consumers realize..."
    “Mobile gaming is a great entry point for brands looking to reach the gaming community. The mobile gaming world brings in all types of players, from the casual tourists to highly invested, dedicated players. The audience for mobile gaming will continue to grow as COVID-19 accelerates gaming’s adoption into mainstream..."
    “After relatively stable sales over the past five years, COVID-19 is disrupting purchase plans by prospective smartphone shoppers, and the market is expected to sharply decline in 2020. However, outside of medium-term delays to purchasing, COVID-19 is unlikely to result in a longer-term material change when it comes to sales...."