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    In a dynamic automotive landscape, consumers indicate an interest in online car shopping. Addressing concerns and showcasing benefits will be crucial for growth. Gabe Sanchez, Automotive Analyst ..."
    Black and Hispanic car buyers – a growing segment of car buyers – prioritize cultural identity and value, often seeking reliable and economical vehicles. Gabe Sanchez, Automotive Analyst ..."
    In a challenging automotive market, fostering favorable brand impressions is essential. Positive impressions can sway preferences and provide a competitive edge. Gabe Sanchez, Automotive Analyst ..."
    Interior features provide brands and retailers with a significant opportunity to differentiate from competitors and drive appeal among consumers. Gabe Sanchez, Automotive Analyst ..."
    With demand for new vehicles surging despite sustained elevated prices, auto loan seekers are shifting their priorities, keeping a keen eye on monthly budgets. Patrick Rahlfs, Senior Research Analyst ..."
    Instilling confidence in consumers will be critical in driving the appeal of DIY auto maintenance as negative economic and automotive market conditions persist. Gabe Sanchez, Automotive Analyst ..."
    Economic factors and barriers to new vehicles drive consumers’ interest in CPO/used cars. Educating consumers on these offerings will be critical in their adoption. Gabe Sanchez, Automotive Analyst ..."
    “Consumers’ growing interest in sustainability combined with automakers’ increasing commitment toward electric and hybrid vehicles presents a massive potential for growth in this category in the years ahead. However, obstacles such as perceptions, availability and affordability continue to pose challenges to consumers’ adoption. As such, it will be crucial for..."
    “The economic sentiment for most of last year was that the US was headed towards a downturn, as inflation ran rampant in tandem with quickly rising interest rates. Over a year from when prices peaked at a more than 40-year high, however, the US economy has continued to defy the..."
    “Despite ongoing economic and automotive market challenges, consumers still indicate an interest in purchasing a car. Although this may be aspirational for some, it is essential for retailers to maintain a strong presence across all channels to capture the interest of potential buyers. Looking ahead, dealerships must adapt their sales..."
    “Current economic and automotive market conditions have presented some challenges for car ownership, driving some consumers to turn to alternate means of transportation. As consumers return to pre-pandemic activities, alternate methods of transportation will continue to play a valuable role, but will won’t replace the benefits of personal vehicle ownership.” –..."
    “With the COVID-19 pandemic in the rear view mirror, consumers are venturing back to in-person school and work. Commuting has returned to normal. Or perhaps the new normal? With electric vehicle mandates on the horizon and alternative (read: non-car) options gaining popularity, the commuting landscape is headed for change. But..."
    “Despite economic challenges and overall conditions in the automotive market, consumers still crave self-indulgence and see luxury brands as a reward for their hard work and something they deserve, and they are drawn to them by their desire for finer things. As luxury brands continue to both introduce all-electric offerings..."
    “As pandemic imposed restrictions and concerns ease across the United States, consumers are increasingly returning to pre-pandemic activities. As a result, consumers are looking to alternate transportation services to accommodate their need for travel – a positive sign for the industry overall. Moving forward, it will be critical for alternate..."
    “Motorcycles are engrained in the fabric of American culture. As pandemic lockdowns influenced consumers’ hunger for experiences, many looked to motorcycles as a viable alternative to traditional transportation – pushing the industry forward and presenting motorcycle brands and retailers with an opportunity to reach new consumer segments. However, motorcycle brands..."
    “Current economic conditions and industry factors are driving consumers to be more interested in taking on DIY auto projects. This is likely a result of consumers keeping their cars longer and in an effort to save money on professional services. Moving forward, brands and retailers must ensure they are continuing..."