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    98% of adults in the US use social media, translating to about 240 million users in the US, consumers spend almost four and a half hours on their phones per day, on average. That’s a lot of screen time, and an opportunity for social advertising, especially to the "
    Travelers are back to booking trips closer to vacation time. Booking platforms must provide the most convenient, personalized and seamless experience that they can. Mike Gallinari, Senior Travel & Leisure Analyst ..."
    Travel demand continues to remain strong. However, high demand and inflation have pushed prices higher, and these rising costs make TLPs all the more appealing. Mike Gallinari, Senior Travel & Leisure Analyst ..."
    Revenge travel may be over, but that doesn't mean travel has abated. Rather, consumers are traveling more, demanding seamlessness from travel brands along the way. Mike Gallinari, Senior Travel & Leisure Analyst ..."

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    Cruising has recovered, and people who sail are happy to do it again. The biggest issue, particularly for river cruises, is converting huge interest into sales. Mike Gallinari, Travel & Leisure Analyst ..."

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    Sluggish business travel recovery forces airlines to focus on leisure travelers. Meeting their evolving definition of value is key to acquiring their loyalty. Mike Gallinari, Travel & Leisure Analyst ..."
    Solo travelers venture out to find themselves and their place in the world. Travel providers can help by assuaging their fears and empowering their sense of self. Mike Gallinari, Travel & Leisure Analyst ..."
    Families haven’t been dissuaded from traveling despite elevated prices. Yet, they still need help from brands to streamline planning and create itineraries for all. Mike Gallinari, Travel & Leisure Analyst ..."
    “Golf’s popularity had been in decline in the US for the first two decades of the millennium – then came the pandemic and participation spiked. Golf continues to enjoy renewed interest and a broad shift in consumer perceptions. However, continued growth in course play will be challenged by the hectic..."
    “The economic sentiment for most of last year was that the US was headed towards a downturn, as inflation ran rampant in tandem with quickly rising interest rates. Over a year from when prices peaked at a more than 40-year high, however, the US economy has continued to defy the..."
    “The MICE travel industry is on the brink of full recovery from the pandemic, but that isn’t to say it the same. Remote working has further blurred the lines between work life and home life, and workers are now seeking the same fluidity in work and leisure in professional events...."

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    “Accommodations are back! Industry revenue and profits have recovered despite only domestic leisure travel fully getting back to pre-pandemic levels. Still, properties will need to increase their occupancy, and they’ll have to entice a travel population focused on value, ease and control.” – Mike Gallinari, Senior Travel & Leisure Analyst This Report..."
    “The recovery of the luxury travel sector has continued undeterred by inflation, and with more destinations becoming available to travelers, the outlook looks positive. Luxury travel across income levels continues to grow, giving luxury providers a broader audience to appeal to, with a different set of wants and expectations than..."
    “Americans are even more keen to travel in 2023 than they were last year, but their planning decisions are being guided by anxiety at least as much as they are by excitement. Travel planners are putting great pressure not only on themselves but also on travel providers, of whom planners..."
    “Travelers have gladly returned to air travel and they are generally satisfied with the airport experience. However, as the airport security process becomes less time consuming for many travelers who enroll in expedited screening programs, the amount of time that passengers spend in the concourse is also condensed, limiting the..."
    “Calling someone a ‘business traveler’ is telling only part of the story. People traveling for business are increasingly infusing leisure into their trips. Moreover, many are auditioning their business destinations for potential future vacations. Striking the balance of accommodating a traveler’s business needs while appealing to leisure travelers is one..."