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    Travelers are back to booking trips closer to vacation time. Booking platforms must provide the most convenient, personalized and seamless experience that they can. Mike Gallinari, Senior Travel & Leisure Analyst ..."
    “Americans are even more keen to travel in 2023 than they were last year, but their planning decisions are being guided by anxiety at least as much as they are by excitement. Travel planners are putting great pressure not only on themselves but also on travel providers, of whom planners..."
    “Travel is recovering, and with it, the booking industry. In fact, some trends present pre-pandemic were undeterred by the pandemic, as booking windows remain short and mobile platforms are ascendant. However, other factors – such as guarantees about health and safety and ease of rescheduling/getting a refund – drove consumers ..."
    “In 2022, there will be fewer consumer-driven barriers to travel. That is to say, Americans really, really want to take vacations again, and their limitations on doing so mostly lie in the areas of market factors and regulatory limitations. Travel providers can present themselves as allies to consumers by giving ..."
    “After a long year-plus slog, there are finally strong signs that travel is recovering from the shock of COVID-19. Travel planners are beginning to prioritize pandemic issues less and think about venturing out again. Travel providers can help them in the planning stage by making the process enjoyable, providing relevant,..."
    "With travel continuing to be popular, the travel arrangement and reservations industry hit nearly $56 billion in revenue in 2019. Travel is an important component of leisure spending and is forecast for further growth; however, aggregators that facilitate search and booking are seeing a lot of competition from direct providers..."