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    Indulgent experience remains the mainstay of this category, driven by taste and texture. Better-for-you claims are also inspiring innovations. Zoe Wong, Junior Analyst – Food & Drink, BPCH ..."
    Recent patents demonstrate researchers are continuing to innovate ways to valorise or 'upcycle' by-products into ingredients for the food and beauty industries. Neha Srivastava, Senior Patent Analyst – Food & Drink and Beauty & Personal Care ..."

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    The tea category is expanding into new drinking occasions, solidifying its position as the drink for relaxation, while meeting consumer demand for sustainability. Tan Heng Hong, Senior Food & Drink Analyst ..."
    Better-for-you claims are inspiring innovation in bread and bread products, as resealable packaging and nutrient-packed seeds are pitched to convey value appeal. Zoe Wong, Junior Analyst – Food & Drink, BPCH ..."
    Sauce brands will respond to consumer demands for greater transparency, value and excitement. Ayisha Koyenikan, Director – Mintel Food & Drink ..."
    Future-proofed VMS optimises holistic weight management, adapts to modern lifestyles and pioneers pro-longevity and sustainable breakthroughs for health across generations. Michelle Teodoro, Global Food Science Analyst ..."
    Facing uncertainty, consumers can rely on yogurt and desserts for affordable indulgence, nutrition and authenticity. Caroline Roux, Consultant Analyst ..."
    Consumer interest in areas including eye health, skin conditions and gut health creates demand for specific VMS products which allow for custom wellness routines. Georgia Stafford, Beauty & Personal Care Analyst ..."
    Tea brands continue to focus on consumers' health needs, while ethical production, flavours and convenient formats continue to drive innovation. Mikolaj Kaczorowski, Innovation Analyst ..."
    Sustainable packaging and ethical bean sourcing remain key innovation themes in the coffee category. Mikolaj Kaczorowski, Innovation Analyst ..."
    NPD is tapping into consumer interest in multifunctional bodycare and targeted solutions; however, further innovation in niche segments could excite the category. Shiyan Zering, Beauty and Personal Care Analyst ..."
    Convenience claims are inspiring cooking sauce and seasoning innovation. Vegan and natural claims are also inspiring launch activity. Mikolaj Kaczorowski, Innovation Analyst ..."
    The future is in skin preservation and longevity, while dermocosmetics is poised to be the new luxury. Long-term opportunities lie in renovation vs innovation. Andrew McDougall, Global Beauty & Personal Care Analyst ..."
    Salty snack brands are focusing on flavour innovation. Additionally, brands are striving to convey a more planet-friendly and better-for-you appeal. Mikolaj Kaczorowski, Innovation Analyst ..."
    Facial skincare NPD can explore novel anti-ageing terminology, better convey safety and offer convenience as product repertoires grow. Dionne Officer, Research Analyst – BPC Innovation ..."
    Innovation is pivoting around the themes of nutrient fortification, sugar reduction and, among dairy milk launches in North America, animal welfare. Neha Srivastava, Senior Patent Analyst – Food & Drink and Beauty & Personal Care ..."