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Consumer Reports

Everything you need to take advantage of trends, exploit future opportunities and gain complete market intelligence.

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Market Sizes

Monitor market developments at home and abroad, across multiple sectors, to gain a deeper understanding of your market.

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The Future of

An expert summary of how the market performed for the last 12 months and what to expect in the next 12 months.

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Consumer Reports.
Unlimited expertise. At your fingertips.

Detailed consumer research, point of sale data and market information combined with analysis, context and commentary for a 360° view of the entire market.

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Comprehensive analysis. Expert insight.

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Point of sale market data

In conjunction with IRi, extensive point of sale data shows you what consumers are spending their money on

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Consumer behaviors

What are consumers looking for, what drives their buying habits and what are their main purchase influencers?

Company Strategy Icon

Company Strategy

What are the key players doing, what has been successful for them and what was their marketing spend?

Market Size Icon

Market Size

How big is the market today and what is our 5 year forecast? Includes both best & worst case scenarios

Demographic Breakdown Icon

Demographic breakdown

From iGen & Millennials to Baby Boomers & beyond. Who is spending money and what are they spending it on?

Product Innovation Icon

Product innovation

Using data from our Global New Product Database, what products were launched and how well were they perceived?

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Market Segmentation

What are the different segments within the market and how are those individual segments performing?

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Representative sample

We gather our data from real-world consumers, selected to accurately reflect precise global demographics

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What happens next, which areas are likely to experience growth and what opportunities exist within the market?


PDF report

Portable and convenient, the full report features over 60 pages of data and analysis, including easy-to-follow graphs, tables and illustrations.

Powerpoint presentation

Featuring key trends and insight, this abridged version of the report is perfect for communicating the main headlines and highlights.

Online access

Giving you instant access to the data that matters, our acclaimed online portal will take your analytics to the next level.

Infographic overview

Providing a visual summary of the market and its trends, the infographic overview is ideal for using in emails, presentations and more.

Word report

Offering total flexibility, the full report in Word format allows you to copy, paste, edit and import/export to other applications.

Historical access

With full access to previous editions of the report, gain a deeper, holistic understanding of the market and its trends

Excel Data Booklet

Containing all the raw data used to compile the report, gain microscopic levels of consumer detail and effectively target the correct audience.

Unlimited access

Create online user accounts for you and everyone in your office to truly exploit the expertise at your fingertips.

Analyst access

Arrange a question and answer session or ask a specific question, our analyst access ensures you get the answers you need.

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Market Sizes Exhaustive data. Total awareness.

Granular dataset of market information, including size, segmentation, share and forecast, for an in-depth look at the numbers behind the market.

See a sample “Market Size” report

Market size

Quickly check market conditions in an unfamiliar industry or region.

Market segmentation

Gain thorough insight into the structure and size of a category.

Market share

Identify main players and spot opportunities and threats.

Market forecast

Add reliable forecast data to support your business plans and goals.

Global Coverage

2000 reports covering 60 major CPG categories in 34 markets


Data on Alcoholic Drinks; Beauty, Personal Goods & Toiletries; Food; Food Service; Non alcoholic Drinks; Household/Home; and Pharmaceuticals

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The Future Expert summary. Invaluable insight.

Key headlines, highlights, news and analysis, giving a global snapshot of market trends, opportunities and sentiment for the last 12 months and next five years.

See a sample “Future Of” report

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