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    The next evolution of the plant-based trend will heavily cater to the consumer motivations behind plant-based eating and rely on technology for differentiation. Dasha Shor, Global Food Analyst ..."
    The cost of living crisis will drive more affordable private label innovation. A mindset shift also creates opportunity for more NPD focused on self-care. Dionne Officer, Research Analyst – BPC Innovation ..."
    Innovations are aligning with empowerment, wellness and eco-friendly trends, and continue to destigmatise menstruation and incontinence. Dionne Officer, Research Analyst – BPC Innovation ..."
    Innovation continues to link scent to mood and self-care, with opportunities to promote eco-friendly and value attributes. Dionne Officer, Research Analyst – BPC Innovation ..."

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    Fragrances will have to adapt to new macroeconomic contexts by offering escapism and driving value perceptions. Climate change will impact ingredient quality. Clotilde Drape, Global Beauty Analyst ..."
    “As society returns to ‘normal’ it is becoming clear that online shopping habits and purchase habits built over the pandemic are mostly here to stay. While social distancing at home during lockdowns, consumer online shopping activity had exploded and has, for the most part, remained elevated despite bricks and mortar..."
    “Canadians are relying on at-home BPC options as a convenient way to save money on more expensive spa/salon visits. This driver is expected to be particularly important as consumers adjust to higher costs of living. Consumers gained a lot of experience with at-home BPC treatments as a result of COVID-19..."
    Affordability and wellness are short-term priorities. Looking further ahead, the category will integrate diagnostics while pursuing alternative supply chains. Jamie Rosenberg, Associate Director, Global Household and Personal Care ..."
    Powder and pigment patents in makeup will help the category answer new consumer demands for playful textures, long-lasting and natural claims. Clotilde Drape, Global Beauty Analyst ..."
    “Haircare products straddle multiple identities, with some products viewed as purchase essentials, and others as nice-to-haves. Amid this inflationary period during which shoppers are spending conservatively, brands will want to stake the claim that their full repertoire is seen as essential must-haves that serve as foundational to personal hygiene and..."
    “The Covid-19 pandemic and uncertain financial times accelerated many of the shifts that were already occurring within the payment landscape. Latinos are seeking brands they can trust and are interested in adopting novel payment methods that address their specific needs. Access and economic disparities condition Latinos’ payment habits and attitudes,..."
    “Beauty shoppers are engaged shopping online; they enjoy the convenience and the community they find in the channel. They are also more in control of their purchases, as they can discover, learn and transact on their own schedule. However, there are still opportunities to innovate and enhance the online shopping..."
    “While nearly all consumers prioritize major household appliances’ functionality over design, that does not mean that aesthetics are unimportant. Spending more time at home due to the pandemic means that Canadians have placed newfound importance in upgrading their homes. Major household appliance retailers and manufacturers must continue to both replenish..."
    “Volatility in the economy has caused a number of downstream effects for consumers, from the increase in debt totals to the rise of interest rates, worsening the penalty for revolving credit. Consumers have responded to this jarring shift in environment by reassessing the effectiveness of their basic financial products, with..."

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    “Neobanks have a tough road to navigate going into next year. Recessionary fears only loom larger, which will have adverse effects on the profitability and survivability of many neobanks. Growing competitive threats from industry behemoths such as Apple and Amazon continue to loom as well, as these incumbents continue to..."
    “Beauty companies and brands simply can’t be all things to all people when it comes to defining ‘clean.’ There is a notable shift toward people aligning how and what they consume with their values. The ‘clean’ beauty movement plays into this shift and the subjectivity of its definition allows consumers..."