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Sustainability Reports

Sustainability is now a focal point of interest for businesses and consumers. Find out how you can lead effective change that resonates with consumers’ shifting values with Mintel’s Sustainability Reports.

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    Sustainability messaging needs to be simple, obvious and easily attainable to break through to today’s busy consumers. Scott Stewart, Associate Director, Lifestyles & Retail ..."
    Consumers want to shop more sustainably and expect brands to take the lead in procuring environmentally-friendly shopping options. Katie Hansen, Senior Analyst, Retail & eCommerce ..."
    “The incidence of sustainability claims on food and drink packaging is on the rise, and consumers say they want to make the best choices for the environment. Still, sustainable brands must also convince shoppers that their products will also meet consumers’ needs on the core factors that have always driven..."
     “Stress and concern over non-stop social, political and personal issues has consumers deprioritizing sustainable living. Instead they are placing the onus of addressing the climate crisis on brands, governments and other consumers. As unsustainable behaviors remain more common than sustainable ones, brands should encourage small, incremental steps toward sustainability to..."
    Sustainability is no longer just a “nice to have” for consumers. It has become a crucial issue that impacts both their health and wallets. As a result, companies are realising that embracing sustainability is not just responsible, but it also delivers a return on investment. - Richard Cope, Senior Trends..."
     “As automakers across the globe continue to commit to the development and production of electric and hybrid vehicles, consumers are becoming increasingly interested in purchasing these vehicles. Barriers related to perceptions and availability will continue to impact consumers, making it important for auto brands and retailers to demonstrate the value..."
    “While sustainability is viewed as important by the majority of multicultural young adults, it is not top priority, playing second fiddle (or sixth fiddle) to more pressing concerns, such as personal health and finance. Entities looking to boost sustainability efforts must lean into the personal benefit to be had from..."
    “The climate emergency is not lost on travelers, even as they intend to travel in greater numbers. They want travel providers to be more sustainable so that they can travel with a clear conscience and not create undue harm to the planet. This undertaking involves more than sustainable practices; it ..."
    “Despite a growing need for more sustainable behaviors, US consumers continue to be minimally engaged with living a sustainable lifestyle. Consumers perceive sustainable living to be challenging and often confusion. Brands need to work to better educate consumers on various sustainability concepts in hopes of bridging their knowledge gaps and ..."
    “Consumers’ shifting sense of ownership, increased focus on value, and desire to behave more sustainably are contributing to the rise of circular shopping. While there are barriers and challenges to overcome, secondhand shopping, rentals, and resale of personal items will become more adopted by both consumers and brands in the..."
    "The dramatic weather events of 2021 have only heightened Canadians’ concern over the environment. As the spectre of climate change becomes more apparent, look for Canadians to become even more engaged on the issue when it comes to the purchase decisions they make. Brands will increasingly need to make sustainability..."
    “Most consumers look to alternate transportation as a compliment to vehicle ownership, rather than a replacement. However, this evolving part of the auto industry continues to introduce consumers to new and innovative services. As alternate transportation becomes increasingly available, affordable and convenient consumers will continue to look to these services..."
    “Sustainability is an issue many consumers, brands and retailers are focused on, and all parties want to leave a positive impact for generations to come. The significant increase in ecommerce has led to a rise in packaging and delivery materials, waste and emissions from delivery vehicles. As ecommerce continues to..."
    “Consumers remain divided on the need for and effectiveness of sustainable habits and behaviors. Even those who are considered environmentally conscious consumers face challenges to living a fully sustainable lifestyle, which include lack of knowledge and lack of trust in brands’ claims. Ultimately there’s a definitive gap between people’s desire..."