Report Summary

NPD is tapping into consumer interest in multifunctional bodycare and targeted solutions; however, further innovation in niche segments could excite the category.

Shiyan Zering, Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

Table of Contents

    • What we have seen
    • Our pick of the most innovative launches in this review
    • Other innovative launches
  1. Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)

    • Europe: nail health emerges in handcare
    • Integrate nailcare into daily routines
    • Beautifying claims are on the rise in nailcare NPD
    • Graph 1: share of nail/cuticle care launches* carrying select beauty-enhancing and product-tested claims, 2019/20 vs 2023/24
    • Rejuvenate nails with brightening actives
    • Promote TLC with mask formats
    • Europe: cater to post-procedure bodycare needs
    • Interest in cosmetic procedures is significant
    • NPD remains niche
    • Aid consumer navigation with targeted claims
    • Position topical products as an alternative to procedures
    • The Middle East & Africa (MEA)
    • Standout innovation focused on scented powder formats
  2. Asia Pacific (APAC)

    • Asia: alleviate skin-condition-specific needs
    • Respond to skin condition concerns
    • Graph 2: NET of skin conditions* experienced in the last 12 months, by market, 2023
    • Targeted claims have room for development
    • Graph 3: share of bodycare launches with select skin-condition- and allergy-related claims, 2019-20 vs 2023-24
    • Call out suitability for irritated or skin-condition-prone skin…
    • …as well allaying acne concerns
    • Asia: tap into the niche market for intimate bodycare
    • Consumers want targeted bodycare products
    • An opportunity to boost niche claims
    • Graph 4: share of bodycare launches with intimate claims*, 2019-24
    • Create specialist care products for various areas
    • A brand for all intimate care needs: NoLie
    • Australia & New Zealand (ANZ)
    • Standout NPD boosts the user experience
  3. The Americas

    • North America: target skin-texture concerns
    • Address skin texture concerns
    • Go beyond standard exfoliation
    • Graph 5: share of BHF launches carrying select claims related to skin texture, 2019-20 vs 2023-24
    • Invigorate the scrub segment
    • Incorporate active ingredients for cell turnover
    • North America: appeal to scent-seeking consumers
    • Recognise the importance of scent
    • Better meet consumer demand with fragrance notes
    • Graph 6: share of BHF launches with select fragrance notes (top 10 based on 2023-24), 2019-20 v 2023-24
    • Create multifunctional scented products to encourage use
    • Brand innovation: Future Society creates a base to enhance fragrances
    • Latin America: satiate the consumer desire for naturals
    • Natural and organic products continue to appeal
    • Pair natural claims with additional functions

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