Report Summary

Better-for-you claims are inspiring innovation in bread and bread products, as resealable packaging and nutrient-packed seeds are pitched to convey value appeal.

Zoe Wong, Junior Analyst – Food & Drink, BPCH

Table of Contents

    • What we have seen
    • Our pick of the most innovative launches in this review
    • Other innovative launches

    • Europe: sourdough launches continue to gain share of activity, as natural claims decline
    • Consumers are concerned about the naturalness of packaged bread
    • The share of launches with clean-label claims records a decline, but sourdough is slowly gaining profile
    • Graph 1: launches of bread and bread products, by share of select natural claims, 2020-24
    • Bread producers emphasise naturalness and minimal ingredients
    • Brand renovation/innovation: regenerative agriculture champion, Wildfarmed, launches its first bread range into UK supermarkets
    • Europe: bread brands continue to innovate with seeds to elevate texture and health appeal
    • Consumers associate seeds with healthiness
    • Seeded bread and bread products continue to emerge
    • New launches formulate with seeds to elevate nutritional, flavour and textural appeal
    • The Middle East & Africa (MEA)
    • Brands are increasingly offering high-fibre options
  2. Asia Pacific (APAC)

    • Asia: bread brands respond to consumer interest in fibre-rich diets
    • Consumers seek higher fibre content, but locating it can be a challenge
    • High/added fibre claims continue to gain share of launch activity
    • Graph 2: launches of bread and bread products, by share of high/added fibre claim, 2020-24
    • Bread brands adopt different strategies to highlight fibre content
    • Asia: packaging innovations help consumers to extend the shelf-life of bread
    • Consumers want long-life packaged bread
    • Launches with resealable packaging gain share of activity
    • Graph 3: launches of bread and bread products, by share of resealable packaging claim, 2020-24
    • Bread launches offer packaging features to prolong shelf life
    • Australia & New Zealand
    • Ethical bread products hit store shelves
  3. the americas

    • North America: frozen bread brands are innovating around convenience
    • Consumers have reappraised the value credentials of packaged bread
    • Bread producers bring convenience through easy-to-use and frozen innovations
    • Graph 4: launches of bread and bread products, by share of selected storage types, 2020-24
    • Frozen bread brands promote taste and convenience
    • North America: bread brands cater to consumer interest in healthy and nutritious bread products
    • Consumers want to see more healthy bread options
    • Bread launches with added nutrients remain niche, but have increased their profile over time
    • Graph 5: launches of bread and bread products, by share of vitamin/mineral-fortified and high/added protein claims, 2020-24
    • Bread producers highlight nutritional qualities
    • Latin America: premium claims continue to grow
    • Consumers reassess ‘value’ beyond price
    • Graph 6: launches of bread and bread products, by share of premium claims, 2020-24
    • Bread launches adopt different approaches to deliver premium quality

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