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The COVID-19 pandemic has led many consumers to find comfort in indulgent foods, with cakes remaining well-positioned to fulfil that need. In particular, seasonal cakes (such as Christmas, Halloween and Easter) remain well-suited as their decadent flavours and distinct, seasonal connotations of happy past holidays. The pandemic has seen nostalgia become a powerful influence over innovations in cakes, pastries and sweet goods.

With consumers unable to gather in big groups, cakes in smaller formats have become more relevant. To combat this, many cake brands responded by dialing up the indulgence factor with rich, decadent flavours and textures. There was a marked increase in seasonal launches in Europe, with cake brands increasing their attention to key holidays.

The rise in eating at home during the pandemic drew attention to the amount of packaging used in food and drink products, leading many consumers to try and reduce the quantity of packaging they buy. However, this aspiration was tempered by the rising concern about food hygiene. This shows there is room for innovation to reduce plastic and increase the integration of recyclable materials into cake packaging.

There has also been an increased interest in home baking, boosted by people spending more time at home during lockdown periods. Packaged cakes and sweet products can hope to attract buyers by offering sophisticated and premium options they are unable to recreate at home, as well as potential cross-innovations into the home baking market.

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Brands: Diptyque, Me All About Me, Kracie, The Beauty of Eczema, J.R. Watkins, Colgate-Palmolive, Eucerin, Dado Sens Dermacosmetics, Love Beauty and Planet, C.O. Bigelow, Roques Oneil Therapy, Therme Skincare, MyMicrobiome, Sanex, Sisters, Juhldal, Avon, Natura Siberica, Emma Hardie, HAAN, Snappd, Handz, The Let’s Sanitise, Chanel, Weleda, M&S, Haeckels,, Milly & Sissy, Dresdner Essenz, Lavera Naturkosmetik, Skoon, Unbottled, SOAPBOTTLE.

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The main focus of innovation has been to provide indulgence at a time when consumers need treating. Meanwhile, private label and frozen launches are gaining share.
Patrick Dahn
Innovation Analyst

Table of Contents

  1. Europe, middle east & africa (emea)

    • Europe: brands dial up the intensity of seasonal cakes
    • [Graph] Europe: cake, pastry and sweet good launches, by share of seasonal claims, 2017-21
    • Europe: ethical issues are a bigger feature of launch activity
    • [Graph] Europe: cake, pastry and sweet good launches, by share of ethical human and ethical animal claims, 2017-21
    • Middle East & Africa
  2. Asia Pacific (APAC)

    • Asia: brands are stoking interest through co-branding and product tie-ins
    • [Graph] Asia: cake, pastry and sweet good launches, by share of co-branded and premium claims, 2017-21
    • Asia: brands are leveraging microwavable options to expand texture experiences and add convenience
    • Australia & New Zealand: chilled and frozen
  3. Americas

    • North America: private label brands are doubling down on snackable indulgence
    • [Graph] North America: cake, pastry and sweet good launches, by share of private label, 2017-21
    • North America: brands are integrating more recyclable components into their packaging
    • [Graph] North America: cake, pastry and sweet good launches, by share of recyclable packaging claims, 2017-21
    • Latin America: brands celebrate premium quality
    • [Graph] Latin America: cake, pastry and sweet good launches, by share of premium claims, 2017-21

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